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amanda brown
Amanda Brown #293

   Like father, like daughter.  Dale Brown’s daughter has taken up her father’s reigns on motocross riding.  However, he hasn’t let go of them yet.  He’s still racing.  Amanda has even been in a Honda commercial in her 4-year-career in motocross.  Impressive for a young lady of 10.  When not racing it up, Amanda can been seen running around the tracks with her friends like a social Tazmanian Devil, a title, she has admitted to, which describes her routine.  In addition to team Maryland Motocross, she is also involved in a society as secret as the Free Masons or the Illuminati, she is a part of "Girls Rule Racing"  I have a theory on it.  See if you agree

Maryland Motocross :  Hello, may I speak to Amanda Brown please?

Amanda  Brown:  This is Amanda Brown. Amanda, this is Ese’ from, got a couple minutes?

AB: What’s that? Good.  First of all, how old are you and how long have you been riding?

AB:  Ten and four years? You’ve been riding for 14 years?

AB:  Nooo.  I’m 10 and I’ve been riding for 4 years. Oh.  Well, the people must know, what is the deal with “Rufus” the hamster on your bike?

AB:  Ummm… We put Scooby Doo on.  Did Rufus die.

AB:  (Laugh) Sort of, he broke twice.  Did you tell Scooby what happened to Rufus?

AB:  (Confused) Ummm.. No.  PETA might get involved.  Scooby might want to know too.  You really should tell him.

AB:  (Amused, Sarcastic)  Yeah:  I know. Hmmm.  Well, what kind of gear do you like to use and what kind of bike do you ride?

AB:  I have a Honda and I have all sorts of kinds of gear.  You don’t have a favorite?

AB:  Nope, not a favorite.  I use a bunch.  I have what I use (laugh). Makes sense to me.  Forget that corporate stuff.  I just want to put on my Nike shoes, running suit, black socks, and headband, drive in my Ford Explorer to the nearest McDonalds, get a burger with Heinz ketchup, refill my tank at BP Amoco and get a Mocha Iced Latte from Dunkin’ Donuts without people trying to get me involved in all the advertising out there.

AB: (Giggle) Whatever makes you happy.  Who is your favorite Pro Rider.

AB:  I would have to say Windham, Kevin Windham. (Talking to Kevin Duffy)  Who’s Kevin Windham?

Kevin Duffy:  Hold on a sec.  (Yelling)  Vance!  How many times do I have to tell you if you’re going to throw a party at 3 in the afternoon, you have to keep it down.

(Cats hissing.  Beasite Boys “Fight for your right to party” comes on)

Kevin Duffy:  Did you say Windham?  Yeah.

(Kevin Duffy gives two thumbs up) I just got the confirmation that he’s da man.  Moving on what’s your favorite track and favorite event to go to?

AB:  Favorite track is Seaford.  Event… I… like Texas Nationals.  That’s a popular spot with the riders.  Umm…you have to explain to me, the “Girls RULE Racing” thing,

AB:  (Laugh)  Girls Rule Racing because dirt bike racing was originally for boys, but girls are really getting into it now.  My dad wanted to make a team for girls, and so we did.  Now Amanda, I know your Dad tells you how important telling the truth is, and my theory is that this is a revival of the Spice Girls, a plot formulated by the British in an attempt to take back the colonies.

AB:  But we’re states now.  That is what they want us to believe Amanda, are you denying it then?

AB:  No, I’m not denying it.  Hah, so it’s true then?

AB:  (Sigh) Kinda-sorta (laugh)  Tell us about the Honda commercial you were in. 

AB:  (Excited) It was loooots of fun.  My friends were there and Ricky Carmichael was really nice to us.  Lots of people and lots of fun. If you had any advice for those new to the sport, what would it be?

AB:  Keep your elbows up, when you stand up.  Put you foot out at the corner.  Give it all you can.  Try your best and never give up.  Your dad is Dale Brown and he races also.  Do you think the fact that both of you are riders makes you closer?

AB:  Um-huh.  Especially since one Christmas he told me to go feed your dog and waiting for me in the garage was my first ever dirt bike.  I asked if I could ride it and when I got on it, I ran into the fence (giggle)  Well, Amanda thank you for your time and validating my Spice Girl theory, we look forward to seeing you at the track.

AB:  Okay, see ya.


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