It's time to Recognize.

Josh Hines # 135  We are here at Blue Diamond with one of Kevin Duffy’s inspirations of all times, Josh Hines. Your name
JH: My name is Josh…  Well Josh, if that IS your real name, what’s your number and what type of bike do you ride?
JH:  My number is 135, I ride a YZ 125 and a YZ 250 - Two strokes.  What’s this crap that Kevin Duffy was complaining about his “hero”, you, quitting?

JH:  Well… I quit… right before the Regionals and my parents said that if I didn’t ride, I’d have to pay back the money for all of the qualifiers I raced.  I made it to Nationals, so now, I’m riding.  Sounds like a big conspiracy theory if you ask me, so what happened, did you just get real frustrated?

JH:  Yeah… I was just real sick of everything, but now everything is cool, so I’m back in  action.  Okay.  So your whole family pretty much rides.

JH:  Yeah, me and my brothers.  Isn’t your dad Shelton?
JH:  Yeah, thats him but some people call him Sherman by mistake and that can stir up a real rucus.  Ain’t that the guy that always beats up Kevin Duffy

JH:  Yeah.  That’s him.

(Kevin Duffy practicing Kung Fu moves in background)  What’s the story on that?

JH:  He’s just crazy like that.  He just likes beating up on Grady.  You mean Kevin?

JH:  Yeah.  Grady.  Ohhh-kay.  So, do you brush your teeth?

JH:  (Surprised, puzzled) Of course.  Do you?  If the mood takes me.  How long have you been doing motocross?

JH:  Since I was 4.  Do you consider yourself an experienced veteran?

JH:  No.  Not really.  You thinking about going Pro sometime?

JH:  Maybe.  Is there anything you like or dislike about motocross?

JH:  I like the feeling that I get when I am riding and I don’t like… ummm… I don’t think there’s anything that I really don’t like.  Ever been in a fight that broke out at a race?

JH:  No fights…at races.  What word would you use to describe yourself when you’re racing?

JH:  Mmm…mad.  How do you feel about girls racing in motocross?

JH:  That’s fine, as long as they don’t beat me.  That makes perfect sense.  What gear do you like to use when you ride?

JH:  I use Troy Lee.  Any special drinks you like to help you get going?

JH:  Just Gatorade and water.  What’s your training regimen like?

JH:  I jog a couple times a week, I work out three times a week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I am  at the gym, and I just ride.  Kevin Duffy is always dancing and rapping at the track, what do you think about that?

JH:  The man’s messed up, he’s crazy.  Do you think he’s pretty fly, for a photo guy?

JH:  He’s okay.  Yeah.  All right Josh we will see you around the track, You’re not going to quit on us again, are you?

JH:  No sir.  Can I quote you on that?

JH:  Uhh…Yes .


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