It's time to Recognize.
Garret Toth #23T


          Those of you that have older siblings involved in MX, understand the stress involved if they are older than you and you feel as though you stand in their shadow.  Or... if you are closer to their age and you race in the same class, you may understand the rivalry that is involved.  Those of you who have friends in this particular scenario, you may also bear witness to this.  Willie and Garret "Levi" Toth are two such brothers.  Both are well known and respected racers.  Both are considered fierce competition.  However, whilst Garret looks to his older brother for training and advice, he has managed to beat him a couple of times when they have raced each other even though he says that Wille wins almost all of the time.  Garret has made it to Loretta's every year that he has raced and even finished as the 2nd in the Nation one year.  He's already made that mark a strong one and anyone who says that he's finished, had better hope they're not in his path on the way to a 1st place finish at Loretta's some day. Hello; may I speak to Garret Toth please

WT: Ummm… May I ask who’s calling? This is Vance from

WT: Ohhhhh K. Thanx.

WT: Hey Garret!

(Inaudible yelling by Garret)

WT:  You got a phone call

(More inaudible yelling by Garret)

(Seconds later)  Garret Toth:  Hello… Hello Garret, how ya doin’?

GT: Good. This is Vance’ from, I was wondering if you have a few minutes to do an interview?

GT: Yeah.  That would be fine. Great!   So what are you up to right now?

GT: I was about to take a shower. I see.  So did you go racing this weekend?

GT:   Yeah.  I went racing down in Southfork (Virginia) Did you see Gregg and Tommy down there.  I heard they were doing good.

GT:  Yeah.  They did great. How did things go for you?

GT:  I didn’t do so well.  I did bad in the first two motos, then in the last two I got a better attitude and did much better in the last one. Oh.  Well can I give you a suggestion?  Well, my suggestion at least.

GT:  Yeah, sure.  What is it? I know you’re a great racer and you so said you had a rough time, so next time: cheat.

GT:  Huh? 

Ese’:  Vance! Don’t tell the kid that. Dude, you cheat all the time!

Ese’: Yeah, well that’s only in fooseball and on my taxes. What’s the difference.  Yo Garret, I know you’re really quick and one of the top guys, but if you run into someone faster, you should cheat.  You know, you go around a corner, you see Tommy or Gregg, you just kick em’.

GT:   (Hard laughing) Wait a sec, It’s legal right?

GT: (Seemingly taken back) Yeeaaah! Good, you should do it then. Write that down.

GT:  Ohkay. So what’s you’re story Garret? 

GT:  I went to Loretta’s all the times I tried, for, I don’t know how many years and my best finish was second.  And… I just moved up to the big bikes. Now I heard from Kevin, And I had to see their website to believe it, but your new sponsor is Anti Monkey Butt Powder, what’s up with that?

GT:  Yeah.  We uhhh… just saw it at a store and my dad just thought of us, cause we get like really bad (laughing) Monkey Butt.  So, he bought that for us.  It’s pretty cool. So, is it fair to see you’re a Monkey Butt Boy.

GT:  (Laughing) Yeah. Now does it help when you try to pick up chicks?

GT:  (laughing) Oh… I don’t know. You said you just moved up to the big bikes, what class was that?

GT:  125B Schoolboy and 4stroke.  I would have done better, but I broke my four stoke bike in Florida and we didn’t get it fixed yet. Ouuuuh.  Tough break.  So you’re 12 and you moved up to the big bikes.  Was that because you wanted a bigger challenge, influence by your parents or big bro?

GT:  No, I was just getting a little bit too big for the 80s, so I wanted to move up.  I was also out most of last year and it was to be my last year on the 80s I decided, so I wanted to move up. All right.  So what’s the worst injury you’ve ever had?

GT:  I’ve had 3 in one year, but the worst was in Texas, where I broke the joint in my shoulder where the ball goes into the socket.  It was moved over and it broke out of place.  I had to get like, 3 pins put in it. I hear ya.  Now, on the flipside, what was the best moment you’ve ever had in motocross?

GT:  It would definitely be the time I placed second at Loretta’s. Well, it’s not easy to become 2nd in the nation, so that is an incredible accomplishment.  Now I imagine that Loretta’s would, without question, be your favorite event, but what would you say is your favorite track to attend?

GT: Well, the track I just attended down in Virginia ( South Fork Competition Park  ) It was really nice.  I liked it.  I also like a track down in Georgia called Paradise.  I don’t know where it’s at exactly.  However, I like that one a lot.  Also, Lake Whitney  and a lot of the Pro National events. How do you feel that Stem cell research will have an impact on research?

GT:  Who? Stem cell research, like what leads to cloning, like Mini-Me in Austin Powers

Scooter:  Like the Clone Troopers in Star Wars Fool! Thanks Scooter, yeah like the clone guys in Star Wars.  Like you could have your own Mini-Garret walking around.

GT:  That would be cool. Have you even thought about the Humane, Political, or Psychological  repercussions of such a decision?

GT:  Ummm, not really, a Mini-Garret would be worth it. (Laughing) yeah I know.  Now, your nickname is Levi, does your family have a Hebrew heritage or something?

GT:  (Laugh)  No.  Well as you know, my name is Garret, but when I was born, my Dad’s friend started calling me Levi for the chewing tobacco Levi Garret… You’ve been chewing tobacco since you were born you say?

GT:  No, I don’t.  My dad used to.  And they just started calling me Levi Garret. Okay, now if you had the power to change anything in Motocross, what would you change?

GT:  I’d change that in Schoolboy you could ride 4 stroke. interesting, why would you do that?

GT:  Because they just changed it for safety reasons.  They made it so that you could only ride 2 strokes because they believe that people cannot handle 4 stroke because they just moved up to the big bikes. Do you think you could beat me in a race?

GT:  I don’t know. Does that mean you’re backing down from racing me?

GT:  No. So, you’re saying you could beat me, is that what you’re saying?

GT:  (Pause, Frustrated) Yeah… I guess that’s what I’m saying. Do you think you could beat Scooter in a lightsaber battle?

GT:  Scooter in a lightsaber battle?

Scooter:  Whatttt?  Man give him the test question, cause I am the one and only Jedi Master bro. Yeah.  Are you a Single-bladed lightsaber, a double-bladed, or two single bladed?

GT:  Two Single Bladed Lightsabers.

Scooter:  Whoa! The force is strong in this one…  Wow, he’s dangerous.

GT:  (Laughing) So what’s the craziest thing that has happened to you lately?

GT:  Oh I don’t know either this interview or moving up to big bikes. What’s your advice for someone new to the sport?

GT:  Try to stay up and get a lot of practice.  If you want to be really good at it, practice a lot, cause practice makes perfect. Answer these questions as quickly as you can and as honestly as you can, okay?

GT:  Okay. The thing I like the most about my brother is…

GT:  He’s a great brother.  He rides with me and trains me and helps me to get faster. You know you’re supposed to tease him about having a girlfriend and tell her embarrassing stuff about him, right?

GT:  Yeah, I could do that, but it might ruin his racing career. The thing I dislike the most about my brother is…

GT:  He’s a pain in the butt and he’s always giving me crap. When no one is looking I like to…

GT:  (Laughing) Uhhh.. Pick my nose I guess… Okay, I want you put these in order of importance.  Women.  Trophies.  Honor and Glory.

GT:   Women? Is that first?

GT:  No.  No no no.  I was just going through them in my head… Oh ok.

GT: Glory, Honor, trophies, then women. Hate to break it to you there Brother Levi, but trophies won't marry you.

Ese’:  Church Man.  Church.

GT:  (Laugh) Wait! Umm… Change women and trophies around.  I just don’t want women to interfere. Well, Garret, you know what they say: “Women; can’t live with em’; can’t shoot em’ till they fill out the life insurance forms.”

GT:  (Laughing) Don’t laugh too much buddy, it works for them too.  If money was involved then would it be at the top?

GT:  Oh yeah.

Scooter: Boooo!

Ese’: Sellout!

GT: (Laughing) Oh well.  So who’s you’re favorite Pro?

GT:  Kevin Windham. What kind of jeans do you wear?

GT:  I wear Dickies and, of course, Levis. So, do you have any hobbies besides MX?

GT:  I like to jump on my trampoline and I like to draw. So do you think you’ll ever have to face your brother one day in a race?

GT:  I already do. Oh I didn’t know that.  What’s it like do you guys try to exploit each other’s weaknesses?  Or you work as a team?

GT:  No we just… race. I see.

GT:  He wins most of the time; I beat him a few times though. So, like, do you remind him of that whenever he starts talking trash.

GT:  Yeah. What’s his usual response?

GT:  Ummm… You suck.  You didn’t really beat me you got lucky. Next time he says that, you should tell him if it was luck; it wouldn’t have happened more than once.

GT:  (Laughing) Okay, I will. OOOooorrrrr, you can tell him now you’re under the Protection of Ed “The Godfather” Fratoni now.

GT:  Ummm… Maybe I’ll do that instead. But remember, one day he will ask  of you a favor and you must return it.

GT:  Can I think it over? (Bad Italian Accent)  I will honor your request… Now, that you are family.

GT:  (Laughing) Have you seen that movie Napoleon Dynamite yet?

GT:  Yeah! That movie is awesome! All right Levi, or Garret, which do you prefer?

GT:  Oh, I dunno. Can I call you Larret then?

GT:  Yeah, that’s fine. All right then, thanks for your time, and we hope to see you at Arenacross.

GT:  Yup, thank you too.




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