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James Lewis #178 
MM: Thank you for taking this opportunity to interview with us Steve, first off, you’re injured care to tell me about it?
JL: Um… (Contemplative pause, probably about the fact that his name is not Steve)…Yeah.  I was at a practice track in Joppa and my friend Timmy showed up about a couple hours later.  I came around a corner, caught some air, and my bike clicked into neutral.  I landed in a rut and it pulled my foot in.  My bike went over the top of my foot and it cracked.  When I finally stopped rolling on the ground, I looked down and my foot was just hanging there, so I tore my boot off real quick… And uh… my foot looked like jello…
MM: (Pause) Wow… that’s uh… pretty intense… that’s tough. Timmy, one thing I’ve always wondered about, in reference to feet, do you know why when people go around turns, they stick their feet out?
JL: To shift your weight so you get traction on your front wheel.
MM:  Any favorite tracks or events you look forward to through out the year?
JL: No.
MM: No? it doesn’t matter?
JL: No.
MM: Hmmm…Any advice to those new to baseball Jimmy?
JL: Say what?
MM: Do you have any advice for people new to baseball?
JL:  (Not knowing which is more confusing, me asking him about sports or calling him different names)  Baseball?
MM:  No… Motocross
JL: New to it?
MM:  Yeah.
JL: Oh… Umm…Just… give it all you gota ride hard…
MM:  Oh, you do baseball too?
JL: No… I just thought you said…baseball.
MM: No.  I’m pretty sure I said motocross.  But, uhh…moving on, what kind of bikes do you have?
JL: (Seemingly certain that I said baseball, wanting to tell me I did, but being nice about it) Uhhh… 2003 CR 125, 2004 CRX 150, and 2004 250.
MM: Well, Mike, Some people mentioned that they were looking forward to racing you and trying to beat you, how does it feel that people are gunning for you?
JL: (Pause)  (probably wondering why I keep calling him different names) Umm…It’s actually a good feeling because that means that I am at the top of my game, but not right now because of my leg
MM: I talked to someone and they told me that you’d be awesome if you worked on your speed, do you concur with this observation?
JL: Worked on my whaattt?
MM: Worked on your speed?
JL: My speed…?
MM:  They said you could be a little bit faster...a little bit quicker.  Do you agree with them?

JL: (Seemingly taken back) Umm…I…uh… I agree with them… I…guess…I could always be… faster.  I don’t go to the track thinking I’m the fastest person in the world.

MM:  Well, in all honesty they said you’re not fast at all…
JL:  (Laughing) Heh-heh.
MM:  Do you think you’re fast?

JL: I… guess… I’m kinda fast.


MM:  Well, I can’t tell you who said it, but their name begins with Kevin Duffy.

JL: Hah! KEVIN DUFFY. (says the name like it’s his arch-nemisis) (Scoffs) – I do concur with Kevin Duffy.

scoffs - ridicule, belittle, mock
con-cur - To agree or express approval

Anything about MX you don’t like or would like to see change?

JL: Not really.  Um…It’s been the same for the 10 years I’ve been racing.
MM: Ever cased a hill Johnny?
JL: I cased a jump a long, long time ago and knocked myself out… I don’t remember how it felt till I woke up… It wasn’t great

MM: Paper or plastic?

JL:  (Pause) Uhhh…Paper?


MM:  Ok.  Schnoogins.  How long do you think it will be till you do your next gate drop?

JL: I’d like to say… 3 1/2 months.


MM:  So what have you been doing in the meantime since you’re injured?

JL: Um…Laying in the house…stuck in the house pretty much.  I went to the mall once and that was terrible, cause it took too long to get around.  My girlfriend…she helps me out a lot…doing everything for me so I can just be lazy.

MM: Must be nice…Tell me Bill, You ever seen Captain M race?

JL: Captain M?  I don’t know who Captain M is.  I saw him on, but I don’t know who he is.


MM: You’ve never met him in person?

JL: Nope.


 MM:  Interesting.  So, I know your girlfriend is very supportive, are your friends and family supportive of your racing?

JL: Yeah, I think everyone I know is.


MM: Well, thank you for your time and we’ll look forward to your return soon.

JL: Thanks.

Everybody at Maryland Motocross wish James a speedy recovery, Get Well Soon !
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