It's time to Recognize.
TammyLynn Posey #27

“Only 8 years old.” I shake my head.  When you think about it, it really is amazing.  Young boys and girls are riding dirt bikes, which, in my opinion is more difficult a concept to understand or master, than the four-wheeled vehicles they will be attempting to pilot in another 8.  Off the bikes they think about cartoons, school, how much they hate chicken, and how much they love their parents, but when they are on that starting line, they seemingly mature an additional 10 years.  They think about geometric lines needed to get a faster time, the way the motor of their bike operates, and still how much they love their parents.  Call me crazy, but it seems like we catch a glimpse of what they will be like as adults.  Ten years from now Tammy Lynn Posey will still look out at the light contemplating all these things, but with a better understanding that comes with experience, it will make her courageous, independent, and keep a close bond with her mother, traits that I am sure are emerging right now.  Tammy loves her mom so much she honors her by using Mrs. Posey’s number #27.  Mrs. Posey and the rest of the family support Tammy’s riding and that is one of the things that I’m sure Tammy will treasure as she grows into a great rider.  The only question is, will she still hate Chicken?


MM: Hello Tammy, how are you doing today?

TLP: Finnneeeee…


MM: How old are you and how long have you been riding?

TLP: I’m eight, and I’ve been riding for two years


MM: What’s your favorite part of motocross?

TLP: (Shy voice) Talk to my mom I don’t know.


(Mom gets on phone): Hello?

MM: Hello Mrs. Posey I’d like to interview your daughter for, is there anyway I can get both of you on the phone. Sorry about the trouble.

Mrs. Posey: It’s no problem.

(We try to set up two telephone lines )

<In background>  Male voice: Who’s calling?

Mrs. Posey: It’s

Male Voice:What?  Oh, the phone downstairs works.

Mrs. Posey: We’ll just share, come here honey sit on my lap, we’ll share the phone

TLP: Okay.


MM: What’s Tammy’s favorite part of racing motocross Mrs. Posey?

Mrs. Posey: He wants to know what you like the most about riding dirt bikes honey?
TLP:  Oooooh! Going fast.
Mrs. Posey: Going fast.

MM: Anything your parents make you eat that you do not like to?

Mrs. Posey: What do we make you eat that you don’t like.

TLP: (Giggle) … Chicken…
MM: Chicken! I love chicken.  You’re lucky when I was little my mom used to make me eat oatmeal every morning, I mean no sugar, no fruit, just oatmeal, but the other day I said “Mom I’m 25 now, can I just eat normal stuff,” and she was like “I guess so,” so it all worked out.  What is your favorite track to race at?
TLP:  Bud’s Creeeeeek.
MM: Do you like, or do you hate getting muddy?

TLP: (Losing shyness) I like.


MM: What do you want to be when you grow up?

TLP: Uhhhh.  A Pro rider
MM: Cool, I want to be a superhero; do you think I got a chance?

TLP: (Thoughtful) Uhhh…I don’t know.


MM: Do you have any advice for those people new to motocross?

TLP: Yeah.  Put your arms up.  Go fast, go slow, do whatever you want.  Have fun!


MM: Yeah, it’s all about the fun.  What are you thinking about when the gate drops?

TLP: I give it all I have.  I wait until the monitors are off the track, I start my bike, make sure everything is good to go, wait for the light to turn green, and when I see the gate drop, I just gas it…
MM: When the gate drops I’m thinking of Kevin Duffy’s black socks for some reason.  Ever been injured riding?

TLP: Nuh-uh.  I’ve fallen off, but that’s about it.


MM: That’s good. What is your favorite type of bike to ride and riding gear to wear?

TLP: My bike… I like KTMs.  For my gear I like blue

MM: Who’s a smarter: Sponge Bob or Kevin Duffy?
TLP: Kevin Duffeeeeee
MM: Are you sure?

TLP: Wait! I want to change my answer.


MM: Interesting, Captain M and I argue that point all the time.  Do you do anything to prepare for racing?

TLP: No.

MM: Do your family and friends support you riding?

TLP: Yuuuup.


MM: What’s the funniest thing that’s ever happened to you or you’ve seen at a race?

TLP: When people fall in deep mud and squirm around trying to get up.  (Laughing)


MM: (Laugh) That does sound funny.  What’s your riding number and is there a reason you use that number?

TLP: 27.  That’s my mom’s number.
MM: Aww, that is really sweet.  How long did it take you to learn how to ride your bike well Tammy?

TLP: About 1 year.


MM: Is there anything else you like to do besides riding?

TLP: (Quick) Nope.


MM: Neat.  Who’s your favorite professional rider?

TLP: (Excitedly) Ricky Carmichael.


MM: Is there a reason for that?

TLP: No.


MM: Do you use a bike stand or a crate to prop your bike?

TLP: A crate.


MM: Interesting, I’m just seeing what people prefer.  I think they work better than the bike stands for some reason.  Well, Tammy it was very nice talking to you, we’ll be seeing you on the track and look out for Kevin Duffy and give him
a shout out for me.

TLP: Okayyyyyy...


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