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Nick Evennou.  A name you love to hear if you're watching the race, but you may hate to hear if you're racing in said race.  This young, and freshly-turned-Pro rider hails from Kensington, Maryland.  He has a lot of love for his fans and always makes time to talk with fellow Marylanders.  Ese' recently caught Nick at the Maryland State Championships where he dominated the 125A class.  With a new team and an established name, the question isn't who is he, but instead, what will he do next?


Budd's Creek, MD:  Maryland State Championships  Hello Nick, I'm Ese' from, got time for a quick interview?
Nick Evennou:  Sure do.  All right, I'm here with Nick Evennou, Nick, how long have you been involved int the MX scene?
NE:  I've been racing now for 14 years.  Sweet, If you were given the power to change anything about Motocross, what would you change?
NE:  If I could change anything about Motocross... Umm...  Money.  The fact that all of the top guys get every bit of the money and all us not so fast, top Pros, not getting anything really, so yup, the Money thing I'd change.  That's fair.  Okay, I've done my research.  I know there are 3 top people that you consider your Archnemis, 1)  Kevin Duffy  2) Danielle Greig <My own personal Arch-Nemisis> 3) That guy who lives down the street from you with the unibrow.  Now who would you consider your biggest threat?
NE:  Yeah, it's the guy down the street with the unibrow for sure, that guy sucks.  Hmmm.   Okay, I can see that.  Well, rumor has it that you just recently signed on with a team, can you tell us anything about that?
NE:  Yes.  I just signed with Moto Triple X for the 125 East Coast Supercross and the 125 outdoor season.  In 2005, I'll be riding Hondas.  My teammates are Kyle Lewis, Matthew Elloews, and Justin Buckelew, So it should be a good team next year.  Sounds good.  If you had any advice for some one new to Motocross, what would it be.
NE:  Just make sure that you are having fun doing it.  If at any point, you aren't having fun, don't do it... and that's my only advice.  Do you have any good or bad memories that you care to talk about?
NE:  Good memories, would definately include last year at Loretta Lynn's where I won my first Championship, then this past year at Glen Hellen when I got 12th in 2nd moto at the Outdoor National were some good memories.  Bad memories... Man, where do I start (laugh)  I got tons of those... Let's just say I have a lot of those and it would take wayyy too long to sort em' out.  I'm gonna say 3 names, say what first comes to your mind...
NE:  Okay.  Bubba Stewart
NE:  Ridiculously Fast.  Ricky Carmichael
NE:  Hard Worker.  Jeremy McGrath
NE:  SuperCross  Great answers.  So your friends and family are pretty supportive?
NE:  Super supportive.  Without them I wouldn't be able to do it for sure.  My Dad, Mom, my Sister, they've all been extremely supportive.  They've been behind me all of the time.  It's kinda hard.  My Father owns a restaurant and he's been with me for the past 6 months almost on the road.  My Mom and Sister have been taking care of the restaurant, but they all are always working on the restaurant or the house...  Wait... That's not that place in Annapolis, is it?
NE:  Yeah, Cafe Normady  What's the name of that Sweedish Chef that works for you guys?
NE: (Puzzled)  We don't have a Sweedish Chef  Are you sure, cause me and Kevin ate there last night and a Sweedish Chef came running out of the kitchen with a cleaver in each hand screaming "Schmergin! Schmergin! Schmergin!" or something like that.
NE: What the...? (Laugh)  That wasn't our place.  Hmmm.  Yeah, but it was still disturbing, I kept thinking he looked like an awful lot like a  muppet.  Oh well, so what's your favorite track?
NE:  Favorite Track?  Hmmmm... You know what, actually I'm gonna say...Glen Helen.  It's a good track, even though I hated it the first time I went there, I guess cause I did so good the last Outdoor National.  Super Raw, Super Technical, and Super Long.  I'll say that track and Millsap's Training Facility in Georgia.  Are there any certain events that you usually look forward to every year?
NE:  Usually, I would look forward to Loretta Lynn's every year, but I'm not an Amateur, so I guess I'm going to look forward to every weekend, Supercross and Motocross.  So, every weekend is going to be filled with really tough competition and some of the same guys, I'll be looking forward to every weekend and every day  What riders would you say have been like mentors to you or that have influenced your style in any way?
NE:  For sure McGrath, beacuse when I first started, he's the only guy I really watched alot.  Pastrana a lot, beacuse he's from Maryland too, we used to ride together a ton when we were on 80s and stuff.  McGrath and Pastrana mostly, but also Windham.  He's got a really smooth style to his riding.  Those are the only immediate guys that I can think of.  Definately not Stewart, cause I don;t have that style at all.  Since you have stepped up to the Pro's now, are you looking forward to, or are you scared of the fact that when Captain M comes back from Iraq, you may have to face him on the track?
NE:  (Smiling)  Yeah that dude is pretty Narly.  I hear he may throw down some bombs or something.  I heard about him before.  It can happen.  (Laughing) i'm a little scared of that dude.  Yeah, but he always has some good advice.  Well thanks for your time, awesome, awesome racing Nick.  Congratulations on your amazing motos and all of your fans will be rooting for you on the track.
NE:  Thanks a lot.  It was nice meeting you.
(Voice of Vance comes over recorder):  Chicken gizzards, Cheeeee-tooos, Rice Crispies, Cuuup-OOO-Noooodles, Soap, <sniff, sniff> deodarant,....
Ese':  What in the world... Vannnnnnncceeee!
Vance:  What?  I'm watching "The Empire Strikes Back" with Scooter
Ese':  I don't care if you're watching Episode 3 Man! stop using my interview recorder to do your grocery list.  I told you to stop using my stuff...
Vance:  Does your toothbrush count?
Ese":  You used my toothbrush!!!!???
Vance:  Ummmm..... nooooo...


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