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Gregg Duffy Jr. #150

(Nice Lady answers the phone): Hello?

MM: Hi can I speak to Gregg Duffy please.

(Nice Lady):  Yeah, sure, hold on…  Greeeeeggggg!
(Gregg Duffy picks up phone): I got it.
(Nice Lady returns): Which one, Jr. or Sr.?
MM:  Ummm… the smaller one…
(Nice Lady): (Laughs) ok… hold on… Greeeggggg!
GD jr.:  I got it!
(Nice Lady hangs up)
GD: Hello?
MM: Hello Gregg?
GD: Hi.
MM: Hi, I’m from Maryland, got time for a quick interview?
GD: Oh, yeah sure…

MM: Kewl, I know you have more than one bike, what kind of bikes do you have?

GD: Umm.  RM 125s and RM 80s.
MM:  Really?
GD: Yeah
MM: Cool…How old are you and how long have you been in Motocross?
GD: 15 and about 7 years
MM: Nice, Kewl beans. Rumor has it that you live near the water, have you ever tried to jump the river?

GD: (Contemplative)  Umm.. No, I’m thinking about jumping a 50 in there sometime this year.


MM: Where do you live?

GD: Churchton, MD.
MM: Oh, I’ve jumped that river before…
GD: (Surprised) Oh… really?
MM: Yeah, I used a custom bike a 3-stroke 40…
GD: (Laughs) A…whaaaat?
MM: A 3 stroke 40… Custom is the only way to go
GD: (Snickering) If you say so…

MM: Do you look forward to any certain tracks or events throughout the year?

GD:  Um… I kinda look forward to Loretta Lynn’s because all my friends are down there and it’s pretty fun.

MM: How many injuries have you sustained throughout the years?

GD:  Oh yeah.  I had a broken knee, I think in 2000 or 99 and I just broke my collar bone and my foot.

MM: Ouch…What would you say to those people who do not know who Captain M is?

GD: (Short Laugh) I’d tell them they’d better recognize…

MM: Are you planning on trying to go pro next year?
GD: I was actually thinking of going pro when I turn 18.
MM: Is that because of school or other reasons?

GD: No, I just… I think I need more experience… get a couple more years in.


MM:  That’s very good, sounds like you have everything in perspective. 

GD:  (Short laugh) Yeaaah.

MM: Any riders out there who have influenced your style of riding?

GD:  Um… I dunno – Travis. He’s always been one of my favorites.  Millsaps and Hepler too.

MM: Wanna hear something funny? You and my cousin Kevin Duffy have the same last name.

GD:  (Sarcastically) Oh yeah… cool.
MM:  Isn’t that strange?

GD:  (Sarcastic Laugh) Yeah, just a little bit.

MM: Any bizarre training methods or techniques that you use when you train or compete?
GD:  Well…not really.
MM: Are there any certain energy drinks that you prefer? 

GD:  There’s some stuff that’s called Excess, it’s pretty good, and I think it helps sometimes.


MM:  My-brother-in-law Kevin Duffy downs those like his life depends on it?

GD: (Laugher)

MM: You’ve been to Vegas right?  I saw a picture of you with a lady wearing fruit on her head, what is up with that?

GD: I… uh… don’t know man, I guess that’s how they roll out in Vegas.


MM: Both you and I are accomplished riders, but do you have any advice for those new to the sport.

GD:  Just have fun with it… And corners that’s where everyone makes up and gets their time.


MM:  And your number 150?

GD:  District said I could be number one and MA.M.A. said I could be 50, so we combined them.


MM: Well, thank you for your time Gregg, maybe if I see you out there, I’ll introduce you to my Dad Kevin Duffy

GD: (Surprised) What did you just say?


MM: (Last comment repeated)

GD: (Laughing) Oh…Yeah… definately…


MM:  Thanks again for your time.

GD:  Sure, see you later man…



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