Brandon Bender #32 Pulls a hole shot at Budd's Creek MX Park 4/25/04
5/3/04 The Bender family has two very good motocross riders in their family, Brian And Brandon.  Both are within the top 4 slots in points and I recently had the pleasure of interviewing one of the two very talented up and rising, motocross  rider , known for his distinct fashion statement.  The following is an excerpt from the conversation I had, with the very charismatic, the very Kewl, #32: Brandon Bender.

MM: First and foremost man, the people must know, what is the deal with the duck on the helmet, and how do you get it to stay there when you’re riding?  The people must know!

-BB:  (Short Laugh) It’s so my dad can see me.  I use super glue to keep the duck on.

MM:  The duck doesn’t mind?

-BB:  (Giggle) No.

MM: Sweet, so how old are you now, how long have you been in motocross, and what would you say got you started?

-BB: I’m 10. I started a year and a half ago.  Just something to do.

MM:  What kind of bike's do you ride, referencing classes and brands?

-BB: Kawasaki 65.  Looking to go to 85

MM:  Who’s a better superhero Batman or Spiderman?

-BB: Um. Spiderman

MM:  Why?

-BB:  Cause he can websling

MM:  You’re currently 4th in points, how do you feel about that?

-BB:  Good.

MM:  Do you have any special or bizarre training methods?

-BB:  No.

MM:  Are there any riders out there, beside yourself and your brother, do you think motocross fans need to keep watching out for?

-BB:  Nope.

MM: Just you?

-BB: I guess.

MM:  You da' man - How long have you known Captain M and do you consider yourself a close friend of his?

-BB: Who?

MM:  Uh, Never mind, How do your friends and family feel about your riding?

-BB: They’re ok with it - I get a lot of support

MM:  Do you have any favorite tracks and / or events that you look forward to attending? 

-BB:  Budd’s Creek is my favorite.  No favorite events yet.  I just like racing anywhere.

MM:   Other than motocross, do you have any other hobbies you hold in high regard?

-BB:  Just hunting

MM:  What do you hunt?

-BB: All kinds of stuff

MM:   Do you have any advice for people new to the sport?

-BB:  No.

MM:  What is your explanation as to why we drive on a parkway and park in a driveway?

-BB:  What?

MM: (Question repeated)

-BB: Actually, you do drive in a driveway.  You park in a parking lot.

MM:  That is very true, well there goes my theory.  That was some pretty deep stuff huh?

-BB:  Yeah.

MM: Well we Thank you very much for your time, and we look forward to seeing you and

your family at the next event.
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