It's time to Recognize.
Ali Mills
Ali Mills is the Dr. Ruth/Dr. Drew of the motocross scene.  If you have any questions about socializing on the track, or off, and you want advice form a respected Pro on the subject, you can send your questions to Ali Mills via   Ali is a 20-year-old college student who has been accompanying her father and brother to the tracks for the last 10 years.  She has grown up getting good advice from her mother when it comes to relationships and can advise you when it comes to dealing with your friends.  She has recently been given her own column at THE RACING PAPER, based in Pennsylvania.  Though you may not be able to get it, I’m sure if you e-mail Ali, she’ll respond to your question.  A couple of Ali’s tips : 1) Boys, sweat+gear = bad smell  Sweaty gear+ Axe Spray = girls don’t run.  2) Be yourself around everyone

Scooter:  Dude gimme the phone.

Vance:  No I wanna interview her.

(Kevin Duffy laughing in the background)

Ese’:  Nope , sorry Mike says I gotta interview her.  And plus, we all know I’m King Pimp anyways.

Scooter:  You wish.

Vance:  Oh yeah, prove it.

Ese’:  Well, I did manage to get the phone number of an attractive young columnist.

Kevin Duffy:  He does have a point guys.

Ese’:  Shhhh! The phone’s ringin’ 

Ali Mills:  Hello?  Hi Ali, it’s Ese’ from, got time for that interview?

AM:  Sure  Hello Ali.  First of all, I’d like to say thank you for taking the time to interview with us.  We know that you’re a big time celebrity and we acknowledge that and kowtow to your greatness.

AM:  (Laugh) Thanks  So how old are you and how long have you been on the motocross scene?

AM:  I’m 20 now…and…probably for about…ten years  Where are you from?  Are you born and raised in PA?

AM:  I’m from Pittsburgh and I’ve kinda grown up there all my life.  Actually about 20 minutes away from Steel City.  Are you in school right now?

AM:  Yes, I go to Ducane, it’s a private college in Pittsburgh and I’m a junior.  What’s your major?

AM:  Sports Marketing.  What first got you involved and do you ride?

AM:  I do not ride, my Dad was really involved when he was younger and when my brother was involved, he got my brother really involved and since my brother was six, I’ve been going to the races.  Soooo it’s pretty much been my life.  I’ve actually never really rode.  I ‘m kinda the same way, this one at Band…Err The Landing MX, I stole a bike and tried to ride it, Kevin Duffy had to tell me how to ride it and change gears, how to brake, and stuff.

AM:  (Laugh, amused)  Yeah, I, like, wrecked my brother’s TW80 when I was about 10, and I’ve never been on one since then.  Ouch, so how long have you had the Dr. Ruth gig with the racing paper?

AM:  The issue that’s coming out this Monday is only my second time.  Could you go about telling me the details that first got you started on giving people love counsel?

AM:  Well, I go to the races all the time, I’m pretty close with the people there, I work at the track, and I get to see a lot of the drama out there, so it makes sense and is fun and that I got a chance to do this.

(Kevin Duffy slides a piece of paper to Ese’ with a question scribbled on it.  Ese’ looks at it, raises eyebrow at Kevin Duffy, then shakes head and shrugs)  Ummmm…Do you think that guys who wear black socks are hot?

AM:  (Amused)  Of course!

(Kevin Duffy jumps to feet gives his patented “Rock On” sign and announces to Vance and Scooter, that he indeed, IS “The Emperor Pimp”)

AM:  My brother wears black socks and I don’t tell him not to.  We’ll have to find out from Kevin what his deal is with black socks.  If you could change anything about MX, what would it be?

AM:  Probably the parents in the signup line.  You’re not talking about the 50 parents are you?

AM:  Sorta.  Some can get a little crazy.

AM:  Some really are, but most are okay.  I’ll be taping, and get trampled by one, they need to like…wear numbers…or something so we can report the bad ones (laugh)

AM:  That would be a good idea actually.  It’s really funny to watch them though.  We get complaints, if the track isn’t right or the score isn’t right it’s a 50 parent complaining, it can get horrible, but they do it because they love their kids and sometimes get a little carried away.  How do you feel about women racing in Motocross?

AM:  In my opinion, it’s becoming really big.  I’m pretty impressed.  I give them a lot of credit.  They deserve it.  Have you ever had a romance or a crush on a rider?

AM:  Yeah.  Yeah?  Care to comment or is it a “I’ll never tell” deal.

AM:    Right now I date a racer actually, so I guess it’s one of those things…  Kewl, when you need advice in “el departmente de amor” who do you turn to Ali?

AM:  Ummm… My mom…and…yeah, my mom.  She’s the best when it comes to advice.  Do you ever get sick of answering questions?

AM:  Never.  I like dealing with people.  I don’t mind doing it at all.  Do you have a favorite Pro Rider?

AM:  Probably…my favorite Pro would have to be…Jeff Emig.  Are there any tracks or events that you look forward to attending?

AM:  I like going to Loretta Lynn’s.  Last week I got back from the US Nationals that was a lot of fun.  Where do you see yourself in 1 year?

AM:  Hopefully getting ready to graduate from college and trying to find a job.

(Scooter grabs phone and says):  I love you…

AM:  Whaaaaat!?  I’m sorry my phone must be breaking up, what did you say?

(Kevin Duffy shows Scooter frying pan and he give it back to Ese’)  (Clears throat, thinking frantically) Umm…How…tall are you?

AM:  5’9”

Vance:  He-he, Ese’s only 5’7”, he’s outta luck unless she’s a Tiny chaser.

Kevin Duffy:  Tiny Chaser?

Vance:  Yeah, like those hot girls that like… like shorter guys, and they collect tiny dolls and stuff

(Scooter and Kevin Duffy start laughing hard and Ese’ punches Vance on the arm)   So… Do you have any hobbies besides motocross?

AM:  I’ve been figure skating my whole life.  Would you consider Captain M a ladies’ man?

AM:  (Amused)  Who’s…Captain M?  He’s like the next big MX star.

AM:  I have no idea who Captain M is, should I ask my dad?  I’d ask everyone you meet so you can get “In da Know”

AM:  Really?  He’s like Ryan Seacrest, but a little taller with Mr. T’s voice and attitude.  But moving on, have you ever had any run-ins with Motocross Hooligans?

AM:  Wait… Whaaaaaaaaat?  Do you know what a Motocross Hooligan is?

AM:  No, what are they?  Take 1/3 rider, 1/3 gang member, and 1/3 Johnny Knoxville, and that’s a Motocross Hooligan.  They’re just turning the racing world upside down.  I guess it’s more of a heads up than it is a question.  Rumor has it, they may be involved with, but Mike denies it.

AM:  Probably, it’s like a carnival out there.  But I’ll watch out for those then.

Scooter:  Dude, did she say carnies?

Vance: I think she did Bro…Hehe call Jessye Davis.

(Ese’ shakes head)  Gimme a quick comparison between PA MD riders.

AM:  Ummm… that’s hard, but I’d have to give more credit to the PA riders, just because, ya know  (Scoffs)  Well, what I heard through the Pit Mill, was that MD riders, boys and girls, overall, tend to be 2-5 times better looking.

AM:  Really, I guess I’m in the wrong state then…

(Scooter and Vance screaming in background “Go Ravens!”) Have you learned anything about life, or yourself giving advice to people?

AM:  Not really, it’s fun and I thoroughly enjoy the experience.  All right, Ali, thanks for your time, and maybe some of our riders may seek your advice and good luck in your career and at the paper.

AM:  All right, thank you.


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