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 Sometimes we get a little reminder of how dangerous MX can be.  Then again, sometimes we get a big one, like the crash that Zach Harrington suffered at Happy Rambler’s.  His parents, sensing something was wrong, took him to the hospital.  It saved his life.  I feel that sometimes we all, myself included, take those EMTs and even our parents for granted.  The danger riders face is real.  They watch out for us.  It is something we should always keep at the back of our mind.  Zach’s recovery has been a little rough.  He’s learning to cope with the Halo he has to wear.  He looks forward to seeing you guys soon at the track and to get that feeling he gets when he’s there.  The same feeling we all get.  We all miss him and hope that time comes again soon.  Till then, here’s a conversation with Mr. Harrington  Hello Zach, this is Scooter from, how ya doin’ bud?

Zach Harrington: Heyyy good, what’s up?  I just wanted to see if you had time for an interview

ZH:  Oh yeah, sure.  Good, good.  First and foremost, give us the story on how you sustained your injury, how bad it was, and how long do you think it will be before your next gate drop?

ZH:  My crash… it was pretty bad.  I was at a race at ramblers.  After the start; the first whoop section I guess, I went over a double and a triple; it was my first day on a 250F Honda, I went over and cased with my front wheel and it flipped me off.  I don’t really remember much, but I know that it threw me into the face of the next tabletop.  After that, I just got knocked out completely for like 2 minutes or so.  I got up…and umm…like after a while.  Everyone was around me and I just stood up and started walking around.  My dad took my helmet off and they took me to the hospital a little bit later because they thought I was acting funny.  I was at the hospital and they found out that I had 3 broken bones in my neck and one was shattered.  It was pretty bad.  I’m in a Halo right now; I’ve been in it for a month; and I’ll be in it for another 2 months at least.  So I couldn’t even start to imagine what a pain in the butt it must be to have that thing on your head.

ZH:  It…it really sucks.  I had to change… like everything that I do.  I was home schooled for a month.  I just started going back to school.  I guess you’ve seen other people wearing them at the track and now you can identify with the trouble they had.

ZH:  Well, actually I’ve never seen anybody in one of these before.  It was kinda new when I first saw it.  I was like “No Waaay.”  I was a real big shock when I found out that I broke my neck.  When I was younger I always thought that when you break your neck that you die right away.  The doctor said that I was really lucky to be alive and walking.  Okay.  Now, how old are you and how long have you been riding?

ZH:  I’m 15.  I got my first bike when I was 5; a little PW 50.  I started racing when I was about 7 or 8.  What kind of bike do you use?

ZH:  I’ve been riding my Yamaha 125s; I’ve been on those since the beginning of this year.  My bike broke in practice the day of the accident.  My friend had an extra 250F Honda sitting around, so he let me use it that day.  My dad wanted me to because we were thinking about getting one of those.  So I was on it.  I didn’t even get to practice with it.  I rode my first Moto on it.  I was doing pretty good my first 3 races and then at one of the Motos it <the accident> just happened.  I did hear that you were doing pretty good until the accident

ZH:  Yeah, it’s a lot different than a 125.  You can roll through the corners a lot smoother and stuff.  What kind of riding gear do you like to use?

ZH:  I like No Fear.  Hmmmm… kinda like Zeke “2 Ns” Zieman.  Tell us the story behind butt-crack Zach.

ZH:  (Hard laugh)  Well, I was with the Duffys.  Big Duff gave the name to me.  We were down at Budd’s Creek a long time ago and we were swimming at one of his friend’s pools… (Laugh)  and my pants were too big and they fell off every time I got out of the pool.  (Laugh)  Big Gregg just though it would be a good idea to call me that.  So I’ve been going by that for like… forever.  Niceeeeee!  So when you’re not riding, what other hobbies do you enjoy?

ZH:  Ummm… playing MX Unleashed.  Skateboarding.  Snowboarding when the winter comes and I guess Surfing sometimes in the summer when I go on vacation.  Surfing’s tough.  Ese’ surfs; he’s not all that good but he told me it’s really hard.  Speaking of friends, who would you say are some of your closest friends in the MX community.

ZH:  Mark Davis, I’ve known him since I’ve started racing.  All of the Davises.  The Mudgetts have been there.  The Wagdes.  The Duffys.  I’ve known these people forever.  They all pretty much started the same time I started.  Sean Hackley amd Nick Evennou are also some people I’ve known.  We used to ride together, all of us did.  I was told to ask you about how you know Budweiser Bob…

ZH:  (Laugh) Well, that’s my dad.  Wait! Wait!  Hold the presses! Your name is Zach Harrington and his real name is Bob Bailey, did he buy you or something?

ZH:  (Hard laughing) Ummm… Noooo.  He is my dad.  They call him that when he tries to give instructor-like advice when people are practicing.  The name Bailey is because I’m sponsored by Gary Bailey who is an instructor; so they just call my dad Bob Bailey.  Ohhhhhh.  I see.  Sounds kinda Soap Operaish if you ask me.  (Zach Laughs) Well, Zach, if you were given the power to change anything in MX, what would it be?

ZH:  I would make every track have the same kind of dirt as Field of Dreams.  I love that track’s dirt.  I lovvvee that track.  Uh-huh.  And if you could give any advice to new riders out there about starting up or advice on how to make it to Loretta’s, what would you tell them?

ZH:  I’d tell them to start out training before they start riding.  Running and stuff; eating right and then I’d tell them to ride just about every day.  Also to work on lap times, their style and work on turning corners, because that’s basically what you need to do to go fast.  Everything else just ties into that.  Would you classify your current injury as your worst MX moment?

ZH:  Awww… definitely.   It all happened so fast.  It was a shock.  It didn’t even seem like a bad crash and then all of a sudden I’m in the hospital and like… it’s over.  Got it.  What, then, would you say is your best MX moment?

ZH:  I’ve had a lot.  Just going out riding and being at the track is so much fun.  I like riding at Field of Dreams and doing really good.  Starts.  The adrenalin: it’s so great.  I think my best would probably be making it to Loretta’s and just being down there this past year.  Who is your favorite Pro rider and why?

ZH:  Jeremy McGrath.  He’s been… the best… for so many years and he’s just… perfect.  The way he rides and everything.  Since our guestbook has been turning into “Loveline” lately I guess I should do the ladies a favor and ask “Boxers or Briefs”?

ZH:  Aww boxers, but when I ride it’s gotta be briefs.  Ladies dig those wedgies.  So how do you feel about the fact that you’re one of the stars on our trailer for “Maryland Motocross: The Movie”

ZH:  Am I on it?  Yeah, it had a good showing at The M.A.M.A. and Del Marva series banquets.  Got a shot of you hanging with Chad and then Big Duff got you doing just a perfect heel clicker.

ZH:  Awesome.  I didn’t even go to the Del Marva banquet.  You didn’t miss nothing but Plank and Ese’ acting the fool.

ZH:  Did Steve dress up in the Elvis costume?  No, but he wore cheerleader shorts.

ZH:  Whhhaaaattttt!!??  Man I wish I could have gone.  Long story.  Would you consider yourself a Motocross Hooligan?

ZH:  A hooligan, yeah sure.  Umm, the reason I ask is that I heard that you were at the mall when a Motocross Hooligan attacked a Ronald McDonald statue, care you give an eyewitness testimony as to what happened?

ZH:  (Laugh) Well, Ummm, that’d be me.  I was with Chad <“The Ricky Martin of Motocross” Wadges> and Steve <“Sir Shuck and Groove” Plank> and I went up to Ronald McDonald and started giving him a Big Ol’ kiss.  I heard you gave him a lap dance.  That’s what I heard. 

ZH:  (Hard Laughing) I probably did that too.  I probably did.  I sat on his lap… cause… he’s cute.  (Laugh) He’s a lovely guy.  Well.  I guess you should consider not riding anymore at all.

ZH:  I don’t know about now.  It’s kinda weird.  The doctor said I really shouldn’t ride. It’s weird to think that if I crash again I could get paralyzed if I have another neck injury.  Or I could even, you know, I don’t even want to say it, but like die.  That’s almost what happened this time.  It’s really strange to think about.  I want to do something in Motocross.  It’s my life:  I can’t just get out of it.  It’s something you just can’t get rid of.  So I guess you got a big decision ahead of you.

ZH:  Yeah.  Whether to ride again.  I’ve talked to many people about it.  At the track and at the banquets.  They say that they will support whatever decision you make.  No one would think any less of you for not riding and they realize that you’ll risk your life if you do.  All in all, they just want to see you, not necessarily riding, but at the track.

ZH:  I probably will ride.  I feel like I can’t give it up but we’ll see.  It will be a long time before you see me riding.  But I’d like to attend a race event or something.  Well, we’d like to invite you to come out with us.  We’d like to do another day of tricks and riding at either Blue Diamond or The Landing MX.  It would be nice to see you then or before.  Just keep us updated on what you’re doing.

ZH:  That would be cool.  I’ll be going to the races just to hang out with my friends. My dad is talking about having some support from Shelton Hinez, so I’ll be on a 250 F next time you see me.  I’d like to thank everyone for coming to visit me at the hospital and for calling and stuff.  For trying to cheer me up, it really means a lot.  I get kind of down sometimes.  Mark Davis has been coming over and visiting a lot.  The Davises have been a real big help to me.  And my parents and stuff.  All I can do is play video games.


Ese’ (Peeks head in though office door):  Did someone say video games?  Yeah Zach Harrington’s been stuck a home playing video games.

Ese’ (Grabs phone): You Zach could of used you down OC, I needed some competition Whooped up on Joel <”The Sweeper”> Adams pretty bad.  Then he had to go cheat in Putt-Putt.

ZH:  I’ll play ya sometime.  You’re going down.

Ese’:  Whhhatttt!  Better talk to Joel there Son-son.  When I play there’s only two things A**whuupins and repercussions buddy.  I beat him so bad he can only play in Video Game D class from now on.

ZH:  (Laughing) Ohhhh.  it’s on.  (Taking back phone)  All right you two.  Well thanks a lot for talking with us Zach and we hope to see you soon.  Take it easy man and speedy recovery.

ZH:  Awesome.  All right.  I'll keep you guys updated.  See ya later.

  The Harringtons would like to thank everybody for their cards, calls, thoughts, prayers, and visits during Zach’s Accident.  They were touched by the consideration and concern that was shown and they truly appreciate it.

    Budweiser Bob  


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