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michael groves #125
 Michael Groves 125  Hi Mike, this is Scooter from, got time for an interview?

Michael Groves: Yeahhh.  Mike sounds so formal, Ohhh! can I call you M-Unit?

MG:  Yeah.  That’ll work.  Sweet! So how old are you and how long have you been racing motocross?

MG:  I’m 17.  I’ve been racing since I was 5, so…12 years Well, M-Unit What kind of bike do you have?

MG:  I got a CRF250F.  I know your sister Kara is injured, rumor has it that you too, are injured?

MG:  I’m…(pause, sigh) kiiinda injured,  I hurt my collar bone pretty bad, I think it’s broke, but I may race this weekend.  Okay, racing through the pain, M-Unit is hardcore folks.  You gonna get some X-rays after the race afterwards?

MG:  Yeah.  I probably should… afterwards.  All right.  Good deal.  Now you’ve been riding for 5 years?

MG:  For 5?  No - 12.  Oh, okay my BAG M-Unit, and do you have any advice for anyone new to the sport?

MG:  Keep going.  If you’re enjoying it, keep going.  Sometimes people may not want you to, but in the end it’s up to you.  If you’re having fun: keep going.  If you’re not having fun:  it’s probably not the place for you.  Ese’ and Kevin say they’ve seen you in Staff gear at Bud’s Creek, what’s the deal there?

MG:  My dad works on the staff for the Pro Nationals.  On Sunday we were just working the track during intermission.  Now, working with the staff, do you have any pull with the officials?

MG:  You mean like what they…umm, what do you mean?  (Suspicious) Like who wins who gets into Mrs. Slusher’s ninja gang?

MG:  (Laugh)  Naaaaaw.  Not at all.  You sure, cause I’ve heard people say “Mike’s a sellout,”  “He works for Johnny Law”, “Man that color yellow sure goes with his tan,” and stuff like that.

MG:  Hah!  (Laugh)  No.  So what kind of gear do you like when on and off the track?

MG:  I like Fox gear a lot.  I wear a lot of Fox clothes at school too.  So I take it Motocross is pretty popular at your school?

MG:  Yeah.  It’s pretty popular where I live too in Calvert County.  It’s getting more popular every year, because more and more people start racing every year.  Like at local tracks and traveling.  I think it’s one of the more popular sports right now.  Okay.  What is Kara like off the track?  Is she in that phase where she’s bugging you and you’re too old or too kewl for her?

MG:  No.  She doesn’t bug me.  I think she’s not as old as she thinks she is though.  (Laugh)  She acts like she’s 17 too.  She’s all right.  She’s cool.  She doesn’t really get on my nerves that much.  Well, it’s not like if you wanted to, you could get rid of her, right?

MG:  (Laugh)  Nah.  I wouldn’t want to.  If you had to change something in Motocross, what would it be?

MG:  Ummm… the standard it takes to become Pro.  You think it should be easier or harder, or what?

MG:  I think it should be a little easier.  With my talent right now, I know I couldn’t turn Pro, but there are a lot of riders out there, who should be, but aren’t.  It’s…just…tough.  How do you feel about girls racing in motocross?

MG:  I think it’s awesome.  I like the girls out there mixing it up with the guys.  I mean, most of them are just as fast as the guys.  Great example, Jessye Davis.  She’s one of the fastest in the country.  She can beat most of the boys I know.  I heard you had a flip last week.  Tell us about it.

MG:  I came off  this little double , was next to Gregg Duffy, I hit a kicker and just flipped… went flying.  Did you make it to the finish line?

MG:  I actually make it before my bike did. And it kept going. (Laugh)  I bet that’s the first time someone has ever raced their own bike to the finish line?  If you could fill a pool with anything besides water, what would it be?

MG:  (Quick) Money.  Besides that.  Some like food  -a-thing-a-ma-jig-like stuff.

MG:  I…don’t…know.  Umm…macaroni and cheese.  Hmm.  To each his own I say.  Have you ever raced against Captain M?

MG:  Who?  Captain M.  You don’t know who Captain M is?

MG:  No.  You’ve been doing Motocross for 18 years and you don’t know who Captain M is?

MG: (Pause)  No.  Now wait.  You’ve been riding a dirtbike for 23 years  and you still don’t know who Captain M is.

MG:  (Longer pause, slight laugh)  Nope.  You need to get with Big Duff and find out what the deal is.

MG:  All right.  I’ll do that.  Well, thank you for your time, Mike…err… I mean M-Unit, I hope you’re collar bone is fine and lastly, Do you have anything to say to the ladies out there?

MG:  Yeah.  Ladies I’m single and lookin’.


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