It's time to Recognize.
At  Bud’s Creek my first official motocross experience came on a practice day.
I was amazed at the track setup and the skill level of the riders.  I was able to meet and talk to the ambiguously sane
Chad Wadges #444.
Chad is a very outgoing person with an awesome sense of humor.  He was all laughs and smiles at the interview. 
Chad was getting some track time in for the race the next day. 
He even took time off to talk to us and acknowledged our presence at the flag tower
near Big Gulp hill with a friendly point at the camera.
He hadn’t been to a gate drop since September, due to an injury, but it was still good to see him in action.  In spite of his humor and friendly gesture
at “The Gulp”, he seemed to be a machine,  like the one he rode on the track.  He rides very precise and rarely gave the throttle a break
#444 is definitely back and he’s definitely hungry.  Here is the interview.
MM:  Hi Chad how are you doing today?
CW:  I’m fine.
MM:  So how old are you and how long have you been doing motocross?
CW:  I’m sixteen and I’ve been doing motocross for 10 years
MM:  Do you think you could beat me in a race?
CW:  (Laugh) Umm, I’ve never seen you race, but yeah.
MM:  Whatever… so you’re good then?
CW:  Yeah, I’m pretty good.
MM:  Is your family supportive of your racing?
CW:  Yes, they’re extremely supportive.
MM:  Do you race any of your friends?
CW:  Uhh… I don’t race any friends, I don’t have any friends on the track: I have friends off the track.
MM:  Nice! You’ve been described as the Ricky Martin of motocross, how do you feel about that?
CW:  (Laughing) It feels pretty good.
MM:  Any comments on that?
CW:  No.  (Laughing) I… don’t know what to say.
MM:What class is your bike?
CW: Um, 125 B
MM:  So, have you ever raced against Gregg Duffy?
CW:  Yep.  Sure have.
MM: And has that affected your relationship off the track?
CW:  No.  Not really.  It’s pretty good.  We have a pretty good relationship.
MM:  That’s kewl.  Um, if you had any advice for the new people, those new to motocross, what would it be?
CW:  (Quick response) I’d tell em’ to ride hard.  You gotta pin it to win it!
MM:  What do you think of Big Gulp here at Bud’s?
CW:  Big Gulp… It’s not very big.
MM: Would you hit Henry Hill full open throttle like its namesake did?
 CW: Heccckkkk… NO… (Laughing)
MM:  What do you think of Kevin Duffy?
CW:  (Surprised look, smile, laughing)  (Sarcastically) Kevin Duffy is a cute guy.
(Kevin Duffy laughing in background): Aw man, don’t bring me into this…)
(Everyone laughing)
MM:  Uh, what about people describing your relationship with Captain M as rocky?
CW:  (Puzzled) Captain M.  Who’s Captain M?
MM:  (Puzzled also) You don’t know Captain M?
CW:  Nope
MM:  You’re in motocross and you don’t know Captain M?
MM:  That can’t be good.
CW:  (looks over to Kevin Duffy in background) Who’s Captain M?
(Kevin Duffy Shrugs)
MM:  Don’t… Don’t worry about it.  Anyway… how do you think politics has influenced motocross?
CW:  Whaaaaaaaaaat?
MM: (Question repeated)
CW:   (Laughing) I… don’t… know…(Chad looks to his friends passing in the background who are
waving at him and he asks them quietly):
You guys know who Captain M is?
 (They all shake their heads)
MM:  Who’s hotter Christina Aguilera or Britney Spears?
CW:  Christina Aguilera
MM:  I used to date her.
CW:  (laugh) No you didn’t
MM:  Well, it was nice seeing you and good luck on your first day back.  We’ll see you on the track.
CW:  (Handshake) Yup… See yaw later
Chad had a pretty good showing that day as forementioned.  He went on to win his calls the next day.  Welcome
back Chad from those of us here at Maryland Motocross and from my ex Christina Aguilera.
Last weeks interview with Brandon Bender.
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