It's time to Recognize.
Cheryl McCullough #198
 2004 middle Atlantic Motocross Association Women's Champion  Middleford Raceway 2004

Cheryll is a 10-year veteran of the MX World.  She was recently named Women’s Champion and Finished 3rd in the Collegeboy M.A.M.A.  Division.  She’s rode at many different tracks and raced both boys and girls.  Her  father is the M.A.M.A. President, but even if Cheryl feels a little like she has to impress her father, she races for the fun of it and to beat the boys.  (Just Kidding)  Look for Cheryl at the M.A.M.A. Banquet and on the track.  Also, she cuts hair and can give you some advice on shampooing.  Friendly and experienced, feel free to approach her and ask her advice on MX  and/or possible hair styles…


Cheryl McCollough:  Hello?

Maryland  Hello Cheryl it’s Vance from, got time for an interview?

CM:  Yeah.  First off, how old are you and how long have you been riding?

CM:  I’m 21 and I’ve been riding for 10 years  Is there any significance to your number, #198?

CM:  I was going to a National and I had to pick a number, I wanted 199, but they didn’t have it, so I went with 198 and I’ve had it ever since.  Exxxxxxcellent.  Your dad is the President of the (M.A.M.A.) Middle Atlantic Motocross Association right?

CM:  Yes he is.  All right, So would you consider yourself - A) The first daughter - B)  A M.A.M.A.’s girl - C)  my new girlfriend - D) none of the above?

CM:  Ummm…the first daughter  Well, I had to try. 

CM:  (Laughing)  So, what would you say is your best moment in MX?

CM:  When I won a National at Broom Tioga, NY.  Is it ever intimidating or do you ever feel like they don’t want you there when you race against boys?

CM:  No, not really.  I kind of like to ride with the boys better because they kinda make me faster.  More aggressive.  Oh, I see.  Now flip the tables, what have you noticed or seen after you’ve beaten them?

CM:  Well sometimes they get kind of upset and have like a big attitude about it.  M.A.M.A.’s Ball is coming up soon, are you excited about it?

CM:  The what?  MAMA’s Ball.

CM:  Oh, the Banquet.  Hold on for a sec.  (Shouting)  Ese’s it’s called the M.A.M.A.’s Convention you loon. 

Ese’:  (Shouting from kitchen) shut up Chicken Gizzard boy.

CM:  Banquet.  Oh.  Anyways, how excited are you, show me by screaming…

CM:  (Laugh)  Yaaaayyyyyyyyyy!  Whhhhhoooooaaaa!   You’d better chill out lil’ Thundercat.

CM:  (Laughing)  If you could change anything about MX, what would it be?

CM:  I really don’t think I would.  I mean there’s nothing that I don’t really like about it.  What kind of bike(s) do you ride and what kind of gear do you wear.

CM:  I ride a Kawasaki 250F and I wear MSR.  I noticed that you have pretty hair and Dermatolologically we should all moisturize, I’d like to know what kind of shampoo do you use and do you rinse, apply, rinse, repeat or do you rinse, apply, rinse some leave a little conditioner in?

CM:  Various shampoos and the second method.  I’ll keep that in mind.  Now, what goes through your head when you are on the line and/or when the gate drops?

CM:  Line:  To the best that I can and to hit every corner fast and when the gate drops to try to get the hole shot every time.  What’s your favorite track to ride at and your favorite event to attend each year? 

CM:  My favorite track is Virginia Motorsports and my favorite event is Budd’s Creek Nationals.  Do you have any hobbies besides Motocross?

CM:  Not really, I cut hair.  You cut hair?

CM:  (Laugh) Yeah that’s my job  Interesting.  Rumor has it that you had a longstanding affair with Captain M and it ended when he left to go fight in Iraq.

CM:  (Laughing) What!!?? I have a love affair with whooooo?  Captain M.

CM:  Who’s Captain M?  You’re not trying to deny it are you, cause THE NILE, Cheryll, is not just a river in Egypt.

CM: (Laughing)  So I guess it’s no comment then?

CM:  (Laugh, Amused)  No comment.


MM.ccom:  Do you have advice for new riders to the sport

CM:  To basically just have fun and not get too serious.  Now, when we come to MAMA’s house what should we wear?

CM:  Mama’s house?  The Award thing. Is it like a black tie affair?

CM:  Oh the Banquet.  Probably nice pants and a tie, but nothing more than that.  I wish it was a black tie affair, but it’s not.  Sweet.  Could you beat Ese’ or Kevin Duffy in a race?   I wasn’t going to say anything but they were talking some smack about you.

CM:  I know who Kevin is, but not Ese’  The guy with the camcorder.

CM:  Oh okay, Yeah I could probably beat them.  Kevin supposedly was pretty good and I’ve seen Ese’ on a bike once and he was in first the whole time (gear that is), so what do you think?

CM:  I’d still say probably.  Who would you say is your best friend in Motocross?

CM:  I would have to sayyy… Jessye Davis.  So, like when you see her you give her a little shout out like… “Yoooooo Peanuts!”

CM:  Something like that.  You call her peanuts?

CM: Noooooo.  Why not?

CM:  (Laugh) I…don’t…knooooow.  Okay Cheryll, look for Ese’ and Kevin at the MAMA’s errrrrr… thing.  So make sure you stop at their red carpet and do a little interview.  And once again, congratulations on being the Women’s Champion.

CM:  I will and thank you.




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