It's time to Recognize.
  The Landing MX is open Friday through Saturday 9-4 and during the summer it runs from 12-6 on Wednesday and Friday in addition to the regular Saturday and Sunday time.  Look for Dave Segal on the # 41 or # 385 bike.  Heís a down-to-Earth and fun guy to be around.
Dave Segal: Hello Hey Dave, itís scooter from; got a couple minutes to give us a little bit of love?

DS: (Pause) Nowww run that by me againÖ This is Scooter from
DS:  From Umm yes.
DS: Oh. Hey, whatís going on?  Nothing much, Mike saw you on the footage clips from The Landing MX and wanted me to do an interview with ya.
DS: (Laugh) Sure, I mean Iím in a bad area I donítÖ You mean like Dundalk?
DS:  (Hard laugh) That was a good one.  No Iím actually at St. Michaels, the receptionís not good, but if you can hear me fine, weíll see what happens.  We can dooooo it!  Sorry.  First off tell us Dave, how did The Landing MX come to be?  The people must know.
DS:  How did it come to be?  Well the short version is, I had a practice track, some people bought the property, which made me mad cause there arenít enough places to ride, so we built this place. Hmmm.  That was one of the better summations Iíve ever heard.
DS:  Well, thatís the short version, there is a long version, but thatís the easiest way to tell ya.  Eseí got some footage of you out there riding, have you been riding your whole life?
DS:  Who? UmmÖ we call him Eseí, heís like Cuban or Vulcan or something.
DS:  (Laugh) No idea who, but yeah Iíve been riding my whole life Your track is in a semi-remote area; I swear I saw some cornfields in the background.
DS:  Well, if you want to farm, this is definitely the place to do it. You ever see any crop circles out there or anything?
DS:  (Hard Laugh) Noooooooo.  Iíd tell ya.  Iíd actually make one of a bike if I could out there, but Iíve never seen one, maybe Kevin Duffyís planning something like that though.  You ainít kidding, him and Eseí carry on like Jay and silent Bob.  You got a website Dave?
DS:  Yup.  Have you ever raced against any of the other guys out there like Rusty,  Kevin, or Big Duff?
DS:  I raced Big Duff to a cooler once but he won. (Laugh) Yeah, Big Duff can get competitive.
DS:  Iím telling ya.  Anything youíd like to let the riders know before they come out to your track?
DS:  UmmmÖ to remember that itís all about fun, to enjoy it, and have a good time for as long as they can.  Is there anything about MX youíd like to see change or be different?
DS:  UhhhÖ actually just to have the little league parents stop pushing their kids as hard as they do.  It takes away from the fun.  Some parents will scream and yell at their kids, but if they had to get on the bike and show them how to do it, 90% of them wouldnít be able to.  Parents have gotten pretty hardcore; Iíve had to ask some to leave at times. Excellent point.   So you ride with number 41?
DS:  Actually it was Andrew Shortís bike.  I had the opportunity to get it from the good people down at Motoworld.  Itís an awesome bike, but I donít really ride 125s anymore.  Iíve been riding 250s for years.  My personal number is 385.  My son runís 358, so I just took his number and twisted it.  So what are the times for your track?
DS:  Pretty much Friday, Saturday, Sunday 9-4.  During the summer we run on Wednesdays and Fridays from 12-6 so people donít have to worry about beach traffic.  So youíre related to Steven Segal.
DS:  (Laugh) No my uncle is Stephen SEE-GAL.    So what do you do when youíre not kicking parents out of The Landing MX?
DS:   What Ė do Ė I Ė do?  I install Custom Electronics. High-end electronics, offices, home theater, you name it.  In 2000 I was rated as one of the top installers in the country.  Sweet.  Sounds like a fun job.
DS:  Yeeeeah, but nothing beats motocross man. (Laugh) Iím a Mxer first, custom electrician second.  You mean like those actors that become directors?
DS:  Not quite, but yeah.  All right Dave, thanks a lot, we look forward to seeing you at The Landing MX.
DS:  All right, thank you, Iíll see ya at the track.
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