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Zach Osborne #338 Hi Zach, I’m Mike from, Kevin Duffy just got a new Dodge Viper and he’s out driving it, can you believe that, just cause the man’s got a Viper, he’s got to be  driving  the thing…
-Zach Osborne: Oh, it’s no big deal Hey Zack, How are you doing today?
-ZO: I’m pretty good. Good deal, okay first off, why does everyone call you Zach?
-ZO: Uh… That’s… my name. I guess that makes sense, so what is your racing number, how old are you, and how long have you been racing MX?
-ZO: 338.  I’m 14, and I’ve been racing for 7 years. Do you have any methods that you use to intimidate other riders?
-ZO: Uh… not really.  No Wouldn’t it be kewl if you bit off a bat’s head to psych yourself up, like Ozzy did, and since your last name is Osborne?
-ZO: Yeah, well, but I’m not into that sort of thing. Oh, well it was just a thought.  Last year at you swept everyone, do you see a repeat of that?
-ZO: Uhh… I hope so You know what I’m talking about right.  Vegas baby! Vegas!  Sorry I’ve always wanted to work that into a conversation.
-ZO:  Err… sure. What is going through your head at the gate drop?
-ZO:  Let the clutch out, get your gears ready, and get off the line. All about that hole shot huh?
-ZO: Yeah.
(Phone cuts off Zach calls me back)
-ZO:  Sorry about that No, I’m sorry about calling you so late
-ZO: it’s no big deal, I’m always up this late since school’s out
-ZO: Wait, This isn’t Kevin? Umm… No, Kevin’s out driving his Viper. Enough about that guy, so what do you do to keep in shape for racing?
-ZO: I normally do about an hour and a half to about two hours of cardio every day, well three days a week at least. Wow, that’s pretty awesome.
-ZO: Yeah, and uh… and you ride and stuff like that. Is there anything about MX that you dislike, like, or would like to see change?
-ZO: Well, lets see, What I’d like to see change? Hmm… I don’t know… Well, how about more money?
-ZO: Yeah, but mainly some more outside sponsors.  That’s one of the best answers to that question I’ve ever heard.  Can you tell me why everyone is trying to win a chance to be at a country music concert?
-ZO: Win a …huh….What’s that??? I keep hearing that riders want to qualify for Loretta Lynn’s, isn’t she that country singer chick that sang “The Gambler” and stuff?
-ZO: Uhh… yeah…Loretta Lynn.  Umm… How do I explain this.  Oh, She was a Superstar Country Singer…. And she has…uh… the biggest race of the year. So it’s like the Superbowl of Motocross?
-ZO: Pretty Much.
MM:  Ohhhh, the world makes sense once again.  What would you say is the most important thing when it comes to racing?
-ZO: Focus Do you have any advice for anyone new to the sport?
-ZO: just practice good habits from the start and keep good habits…Just…uhh…stick with it and you’ll get there. What bike(s) do you ride and what type of racing gear do you prefer?
-ZO:  KTM and I wear FOX. Have you ever sustained and injuries riding?
-ZO: Yeah, I broke my wrist, my arm, my collarbone, umm…I like…lets see, I injured my kidney and…that’s about it. You’ve been described as extremely fast, how does it feel to know that you should have a guaranteed shot at the Pros?
-ZO: Yeah it’s awesome…I hope I can fill my shoes…I guess.
MM: Do you get a lot of support from your friends and family for racing?

-ZO:  Yeah.  I do.  I have this guy that goes to practice with me all the time, he helps me out a lot, my mom and dad, and my mechanic Al.

I see.  If you could have one of Captain M’s powers, which would it be?
-ZO: Captain M?  Who the heck’s that? Errr…  he’s only the biggest legend ever, but never mind.  Do you have a favorite track?
-ZO:  Uhh…lets see, probably Kenwothy Are there any Pro riders that have influenced your riding style?
-ZO: Uhh.  R.C. So, do you have any hobbies besides racing?
-ZO:  Uhhh… Just waveboarding and I ride pit bikes a lot How long have you been friends with Corporal Curtis?
-ZO: With who? Corporal Curtis.

-ZO: I…uhh..don’t know who that is. Man, you sure are a little out of the MX loop.  Well maybe not.  I’ll set you up with a meeting with Captain M and Corporal Curtis, can you meet me in Downtown Vegas tomorrow?
-ZO: (Laugh) umm. No
Details schme-tails, I got the hook up, I’ll talk to the Black Socks Emperor and hive you hizz-up on the down lizz-up, know what I mean?
-ZO: Yeah…I think… Oh, I’ll work on it.  Well, thank you very much for you time; we look forward to seeing you at Loretta Lynn's Concert, good luck Zach.
-ZO: All right, thanks.
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