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zeke ziemann #258

Zeke Ziemann #258  Hello, hello, hello, Can I speak to Zeke?
Zeke Ziemann: Err… this is him.  Hey Zeke, this is Scooter from, you got a couple minutes?

ZZ:  Yes sir.  I was wondering, how did you did on the  4th of July weekend?

ZZ:  I did pretty good, 4-stroke I won, collegeboy I got second.  At least you don’t sound bitter about a second..
ZZ:  No, ahh…I don’t know.  Tell us about the bike you won.

ZZ:  Oh yeah a KX 250.  Have you had a chance to try it out yet?

ZZ:  Ahhhhhctually, I went there today and traded it in for a YZF.  (Laughing) You gonna tell them you did that?

ZZ:  Uhh.. they already know about it.  Ok, good deal, so how old are you and how long have you been riding?

ZZ:  I am 19 years old, I’ve been racing for about 6 years and riding since I was 2  Whaaaaa? 2.  What did your parents duct tape you to a remote control bike or something?

ZZ:  (Laughing hard) Nooooo.  I was a little guy, but I had a 50, PW 50, with training wheels.  Wow, that’s pretty impressive.

ZZ:  Yeah. (Pause) I fell a lot.  So…uh…(clears throat) It’s been brought up that you winning the bike was “rigged” by the Ed “The Godfather” Fratoni., and someday, you won’t know when, but you’ll have to return a favor to him for “The Family”

ZZ:  (Surprised) Huh? (Defensive tone) Yeah… I’d really like to know how we could have done that?  There was a little guy, a little kid, who put his had in the box and pulled out a slip and it was my name on it.  Yeah Angel muffin is one of the Godfather’s cronies so of course he chose your name.  They say that the Godfather has his hand in every jar, err… box.

ZZ:  No, it was someone else, it was the kid who, uh, won the nationals in flattracking (Kenneth Venarchick of Newcastle, Delaware).  He pulled it out.  Uh-huh.  Sure.  Looking forward to going to Loretta’s this year?

ZZ:  Going?  I didn’t make it.  I got landed on at Dublin Gap.  Ooh, how’d that feel?

ZZ:  It hurt pretty good.  I didn’t know what I was doing for a little bit, they had to get the bike off of me, I crawled off the track and uh, I was allright though.  I got back on my bike and went the pits.  Well, you’re a better man than me I probably would have sat there and cried until Kevin Duffy came and scooped me up off the track.

ZZ:  (Laughing) Hahaha, yeah.  Do you have any advice new for anyone new to the sport?

ZZ:  No, just keep riding and have fun with it.  It’s a good time.  Allllll-righty.  So are there any events or track that you look forward to throughout the year?


ZZ:  I like going to Loretta’s.  This will actually be the first time that I am going and I didn’t make it to compete.  I’ll be going with Todd Wilcom, his family invited me to go.  I like Mini Os a lot, that’s a fun track.  That guy Todd’s all right, he’s quiet, but he’s pretty kewl.

ZZ:  Yeah, he’s usually pretty quiet until he gets around me.  Together we stir up some trouble.  Have you been approached by people about getting your pictures in that teen heartthrob magazine the girls were telling me and, hold on, Kev what magazine was that?

Kevin Duffy: (Stops scrubbing frying pan and shrugs) I duuno, GQ? No! that other magazine Kodak Boy!

Kevin Duffy:  Man I have no idea what you’re talking about.

ZZ:  What’s this… What…What magazine? The girls were talking about getting, you Todd, Corporal Cutis, and Captain M, know anything about it?

ZZ:  (Puzzled)  No idea.  I have no idea what’s going on.  How much money you got?  I’ll find out about it for ya.

ZZ:  Hah!  Get lost.  Moving on, what type of racing gear do you recommend?

ZZ:  I have No Fear.  I like their gear.  Man, I used to wear that stuff, it’s Old Skool.

ZZ:  Oh yeah, it is Old School.  That’s like back in my dayyyyyy.  When I was around.

ZZ:  Really what else did you wear “back in the day”?  Mostly black socks.  But anyway, any aspirations of going Pro?

ZZ:  Um, maybe one year, I have to work a lot.  It’s hard for me to get off work sometimes, or work and then go riding cause Papa’s always saying that riding is no good for me, but it’s what I want to do.  And the bottom line is that you should do what makes you happy no matter what anyone else thinks as long as it isn’t illegal or involves used tupplewear.

ZZ:  That’s it exactly and sometimes people don’t understand that.  Well, thanks for you time Zeke and we hope you enjoy your new bike.

ZZ:  All right bro, thanks.


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