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Ryan "Scooter" Jones #683
Ryan Jones #683 Picture by Dan Duffy  
Pat Coleman of CDR and Ryan Jones
Ryan "Scxooter" Jones #683



          So what happens when you get one Scooter talking to another?  Itís an interview that will inform you as to what happened to one of the fast riders in the last couple of years.  He attended Arenacross this past weekend; so will he be riding this year?  Where has he been?  What has be been doing?  And what is it like being Scooter Jones? You must read  you must knowÖ

Scooter Jones: Hello? Hi, can I speak to Scooter Jones please?

SJ: This is him. UhÖ believe it or not, my name is Scooter, (Scooter Jones laughs) Iím from, and I was wondering if you had time for a quick interview?

SJ: Yeah, of course, can you hold on for a sec? Sure.

SJ: (Seconds later) Okay.  Iím ready. So, Scooter, is that your real name or is it your nickname

SJ:  ThatísÖ my nickname.  My real name is Ryan. Man, you lucked out, my real name is Alawishes

SJ: (Hard laugh) How did you get your nickname? I donít know.  Well, as a little kid, my mom was a huge Snoopy fan and she bought me the Snoopy Red Baron Pilot Hat, goggles, and scarf.  I would ďflyĒ around the house with my arms poised like I was on a scooter according to my dad.  So the name stuck and Iím happy about it till I have to tell people my real name.  Iím not as bothered by people busting out laughing or trying to stifle it as I used to be.  My therapist says Iím making real progress.  (Scooter Jones laughs) Enough about that; how did you get yours?

SJ: When I was a baby I went from scooting around on the ground to walking.  I never really learned  how to crawl.  Everyone just started calling me Scooter.  The name also stuck for me. All right.  First and foremost, the people must know, where have you been???

SJ: I went to Air Traffic Control School in Pittsburgh for the past year and a half.  So Iím pretty much concentrating on school and  pretty much nothing else. So then, Arenacross this past weekend, was that your first time back racing or have you been putting in some track time somewhere?

SJ: I havenít been doing that much.  I graduated from ATC school on December 18th.  Iíve been riding at my buddyís track.  I havenít really done much racing.  I think I raced 3 times last year. I see.  Our photographer has followed your reputation the last couple years.  Now that we know where youíve been.  Another rider you know has also gone missing.  Do you have any idea what happened to Jedadiah Haines?  Since we found you, we may go looking foe him as well.

SJ: Iíve kinda been out of the loop.  I havenít seen him in long while.  I remember his dad passed away, and I saw him for a little while after that, but then he disappeared. Okay.  So if we ever find him, do you want us to let you know what happened to him?

SJ: Yeah, definitely.  Heís a great guy. You ride with number 683.  Is there any significance to that number?

SJ: No.  Actually, when I first got my Pro card, I was number 563.  I wanted to keep that.  I rode with that number for a year, but I lost it.  I have had the number 683 for that last 4 or 5 years.  Itís just a number that the AMA assigned me when I got my Pro card. So, when you came back, did you know that Kevin Crine had retired, or was that news to you?

SJ: Well, I actually was wondering what happened to him.  I knew that he had broken his back over in Europe.  I heard that he was riding again and I figured that he would be at the Arenacross this past weekend, but he never showed up, soÖ Oh no, he retired at the last Pro Nationals at Buddís Creek last year.  It was his last real race.  It was when we got to interview him.

SJ: Wow.  That sucks.  Do you know why he retired? Yeah, he was talking some smack so I roosted him when I lapped him and he took it pretty bad.  No, just kidding, he wanted to take time off and spend time with his wife and child, he was also not too happy with the injuries.  Heís still going to be involved in MX.  Heíll be around the track and heíll be riding sometimes.   So, heís pretty much done with competing.  But keep an eye out for him heís still out there.  Maybe heíll come out of retirement.

SJ: Yeah.  Heís been doing it for a really long time.

Eseí:  Heís pretty much saying Kevin Old.

Kevin Duffy: Well, at least heís not 35 and looks like heís fifteen like Eseí.

Eseí: Kev! What brand of bike do you ride?

SJ: Kawasaki. And what brand of gear do you wear?

SJ: I get a great deal through Moosewear.  I also wear Alpine Star boots.  Thatís pretty much all the gear that I wear. What did you think of the track at Arenacross?

SJ: I found it was all rutty, and I donít know if it was just me or from not riding for a while, but Friday it seemed extremely tight.  Saturday I felt much better, I guess I got used to it or it got laid in.  I knew it was going to be hard to ride on.  I got a good start, but it kinda went down from there. Eseí is kinda new to MX, and he went through one of the side exits looking for the rest of the track. 

SJ: (Laugh) Yeah.  It seemed a little tight.  The start was not even on the track, so that made it seem even tighter.  Before, you would run over the start gate on every lap.  The lack of it being set up like that this time, made it a lot tighter than before. I heard that in addition to Jedadiah Haines, you also grew up racing alongside Travis Pastrana.

SJ: I started racing when I was 10, I think, but we actually became pretty good buddies.  Then, for a couple of years I spent the summer at his house.  Heís one of the top Pro racers now, but before that, me, him, Aaron Day and Kevin Brodsky, we were all pretty close. I know youíve been out of the loop for the last year and a half, but did you know that Nick Evennou signed with a new team?

SJ: Yeah I know that he rode the last couple years with Yamaha and last year he signed with Triple X.  I think itís great heís been working pretty hard at it for the last few years. If you had any advice for anyone brand new to the sport, what would you say to them?

SJ: Iíd tell them to try their best to keep it fun, and to stick at it till they get faster.  Itís one of the great loves of my life and a great sport to get into.  Itís definitely for family. Now if you had to say that you had an Arch-Nemesis in motocross, whom would you assign such a title to, gender optional?

SJ: (Laugh) I guess it would have to be Kevin Brodsky.  Itís cause weíre really good friends.  We always spent a lot of time together.  However, when we get on the track we seem to be about the same speed.  So heís the one person I always wanted to beat more than anyone else. Interesting.  Now, letís say that for one day you could change anything in motocross, it could even be more than one thing, what would you do?

SJ: More money for the Privateers.  That is one thing that I definitely think that would be nice. A popular answer thatís for sure, but on a side note involving Privateers; Word on the street is that Kevin Crine has the fastest vehicle of all the Privateers, a white Dodge van, complete with blue racing stripes.  Now, do you believe that yours is faster, or that Kevin truly has the fastest Privateer vehicle?

SJ: (Laughing) I would definitely say that is an accurate description. Gotcha.  What is your favorite track to attend and / or track to attend?

SJ: Iíd say the Buddís Creek Nationals.  Iíve qualified there a couple of times and my family would get together and watch me out there. If you could meet any person alive or not, who would it be?

SJ: Damon Bradshaw.  Heís always been my favorite rider growing up and I never really got to talk to him, so I think that would be a great experience. Finish this sentence:  When no one is looking, I like toÖ

SJ: (Pause) I donít knowÖ UmmmÖ Just the first thing that comes to your mind.  For me itís dancing.

SJ:  (Laughing hard) Then, I guess you should put me down for singing. Singing.  Thatís fair.  The girls go crazy for a guy who can sing, some even like those who canít.  I know that youíve been riding since you were 10, but how old are you presently?

SJ: Iím 23 years old. Youíre getting up there man; you might have to retire soon.

SJ: (Laugh) Yeah, Iíve definitely put some time in. So, what is your fondest memory in motocross?

SJ: The first time I qualified at Buddís creek.  I felt a feeling that I had never felt before. If you could switch bodies with any female Pro rider for reasons of skill or beauty, who would it be?

SJ: UmmmÖ(pause) I donít really know any female Pro riders.  Wait! Jessye Davis.  Sheís a young up-and-comer and I think sheís gonna be really good. Hmmmm.  Iíll have to meet this ďJessye DavisĒ and ask her if she wants to be on our racing team.  Do you think sheíll join?

SJ:  (Laugh) I donít know, but she usually rides at a lot of the M.A.M.A. events, but sheís doing something different this year I think. How do you feel about women racing in Motocross and have you ever been beaten by one?

SJ: I think itís great.  Theyíre starting to get more names out.  I think even the Proís are making a little money.  Itís bringing more to the sport and I donít see why women shouldnít do it.  When I was growing up on 80ís Amber Shannon used to beat me all the time.  It took me a couple years till I was able to beat her. Did you ever see any of the other guys cry when she beat you guys?

SJ: (Laugh) No, not that I know of.  We all knew that she was really good, so it wasnít that big of a deal when she beat us. Do you have any hobbies besides Motocross?

SJ: I like to play Texas Hold emí Poker a lot and Jet Ski. Do you think that the fact that on T.V. you can see the playersí hands now, adds or takes away from the experience?

SJ: Oh, it definitely adds to the experience; It makes it a whole lot more exciting. Kevin Duffy wants to know about how much you bench?

SJ: (Laugh) I bench about 160, 5 reps.

Kevin Duffy:  (Flexes) Well I got purtier hair. Well he says you got him beat, but heís got prettier hair, so Iíll leave that up to you guys.

SJ: (Laughing) I doubt thatÖ Well, thanks a lot for your time and just wondering, will you be racing the rest of the year?

SJ: Iíll be back for this year and then I might be gone again. Okay great is there anything left youíd like to add.

SJ: Yes, Iíd like to send a special thanks out to Ridersville Cycles, CDR, Moose, and Capital meats.



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