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Loretta's 2004   Jason and Grandfather Don
2004 MMX Interview


  There are two basic personalities that people cling to.  1)  Babyface.  The good guy.  Modest.   Crowd pleaser.  By-The-Textbook.  2) Bad Boy.  The Evil dude.  Cocky.  Donít care what anyone thinks.  Unorthodox methods.  Which ever you are, or whether it be a little of both, you sometimes may have too look inside yourself and face the demons that come with being that type.  No matter which you are, realize that people will still criticize you.  On the other end, there are people that will support you.  Ironic how two things so different, produce similar effects.  I got a chance to talk with a reputable ďBad BoyĒ of Motocross and a lot of what he had to say made sense.  He was also polite and had a good sense of humor.  He had some humble beginnings, but things such as determination, focus, and work ethic, made him the B Class Champion that he is today


First Try

Jason Lawrence:  Hello?

Maryland  Hi this is Scooter froÖ..

JL(interrupting):  Yeah, I donít wanna talk to you anymore, bye (click)  Ladyís Voice:  At the tone, please leave a message  Why that little %$#*&.

Eseí:  Dang!  You just got servedÖ 

Second Try

JL:  Hello?  Hi, Jason, Scooter here, I donít appreÖ

JL(interrupting):  Yeah, I donít wanna talk to you anymore, bye (click)  Ladyís Voice:  At the tone, please leave a message *&%^@#!!!!!

Eseí:  Ummmmm, yo Scoot, I donít, uhhh, think that was himÖ  When??? The first time or the second time?

Eseí: Are you serious???  Ummm never mind, Iím gonna go check on KevinÖ 

47th try

JL:  Hello.  Jason Lawrence.

JL:  Yeah?  Hi, Itís Scooter from, got time for an interview?

JL:  Ummmm, can you call me back in like 5 minutes, Iíll be home then.  Sure, Iíll call you in 10.

JL:  Great, thanks. 

48th try

JL:  Hello?  Hey Jason, Iím glad I finalÖ

JL(interrupting):  Yeah, I donít wanna talk to you anymore, bye (click)  Ladyís Voice:  At the tone, please leave a message  DOH!!!!!! 

The next day JL calls Scooter 

JL:  Hi, can I speak to Scooter please?  Yeah, this is him.  Ready for that interview? 

JL:  Yeah.  Sorry about yesterday; went back out riding.  No problem Hey Jason, umm you got me good with your voicemail,
(JL laughs hard) and I figured it out after the 46th time (JL laughs even harder) , so could you ignore the dozens of death threats and bad names that I called you on those 40-odd messages I left. 

JL:  NiceÖ  Yeee-ah.  So, you going to the Winter Olympics?

JL:  Uh, yeah, weíre leaving tomorrow morning or tomorrow night, Iím not sure.  You trying to get used to the weather before the race?

JL:  Yeah, I should have a couple days before the race to get used to it.  All of my bikes are pretty much done.  Just gonna go down there and make sure that everything is perfect.  You recently had a crash at Englishtown, is that correct?

JL:  (Laugh)  I had 3 really bad crash's at Englishtown.  In practice, right before the finish, on that long straight, I lost my focus, got sideways and went over the burm.  Then, I was leading Collegeboy in the first motto, went over a Psycho Double and hit a kicker right after it, crashed there pretty bad, and then I was right behind (Matt) Boni in 250 B and I tried to go around him on the outside, hit a pretty big hole, and crashed there too.  They were all pretty bad, but I still won the plaque on Sunday.  All the kids here in Maryland want to know what your favorite cereal is?

JL: (Pause, laugh)  That would definitely be Fruity Pebbles.  Iím going to say 4 names, I want you to tell me what comes to your mindÖ

JL:  All rightÖ  Mike Alessi

JL:  Smack-talk.  Bubba Stewart

JL:  Crazy Fast.  Ed Fratoni

JL:  Ohhhhh!  Heís the man.  Travis Pastrana

JL:  Heís the craziest.  Heís outta control.  I know you attended the Outlaw Race at Blue Diamond, how did that go?

JL:  I uh, had to ride the B class, wasnít allowed to ride the A.  I caught up with all the A guys from a staggered start.  It was pretty good, pretty nice, would have been great if I could have rode A, but I guess itís something youíre not allowed to do.  Wow, you donít sound bitter.

JL:   (Hard Laugh)  No, not at all.  Hey, rules are rules.  You canít be happy when they work for ya and mad when they donít.  Collegeboy, so youíre at least 18, right?

JL:  Me?  No Iím 17.  Oh, okay.  So when did you start riding?

JL:  Like when I was about 2.  Started riding out back, on a little track.  Kinda been riding there since.  I ride as much as I can.  Itís hard work.  What kind of gear do you use and what type of bike do you ride?

JL:  I wear No Fear and I ride Suzuki.  Do you wear No Fear off the track as well?

JL:  Yeah.  Sure do.  Sweet!  So who would you say is your biggest competition out there now?

JL:  Umm, probably Ryan Villopoto.  He moved up to B class, hes pretty good.  Itís gonna be good to race him at Mini-Os and see how heís doiní.  All right.  We saw you at Blue Diamond with your son, are you training him to be a rider too?

JL:  (Pause)  Myyyyy Son!?!?  Kevin Asked you if he was your son and you said he was.

JL:  Nooo Waaaaay.  Heís my little brother (laugh).  Oh, is he into riding too?

JL:  (Laughing still).  Yeah.  He rides a little bit.  Rides a 60.  Okay.  What would be your favorite track and your favorite event to attend?

JL:  Both would be Lorettaís.  The trackís great and I like the overall feeling of being there.  Is it hard to ride there?

JL:  Ummm.  If you go into it prepared, itís kinda like itís just another track.  Thereís a lot of hype, but everyone should treat it like itís just another track.  What was it like winning the number # 1 plate there?

JL:  Itís good.  I felt pretty good about going into it with those two classes.  I was prepared, so the races turned out to be kinda easy.  Ohhhhhkay.  To some people you have a Bad Boy image in Motocross, how do you feel about that?

JL:  (Laugh)  It doesnít  really affect me at all; whatever people think.  I mean, youíre not going to be able to change what they think, so it doesnít really affect anything.  Who would your thank list include?

JL: (Go to Lawrence  If you had the power to change anything in motocross.  Anything, for one day, what  would you change?

JL:   Aww man, Iíd make the C class more fair.  Itís kinda crazy watching how fast the kids in the C class are.  Iíd make the  advancement more fair.  Would you give yourself more money?

JL:  (Laugh)  Ummm.  A little bit (laugh).  How do you think youíd do in a race against Captain M?

JL:  Against Whooooooooo???  Captain M.

JL:  I have no idea who that is.  Travis knows who he is.

JL:  Who the heck is Captain M?  I donít think I should be telling you if you donít ďRecognize the skillzĒ  Youíd better ask around.

JL:  (Laughing)  Must not be too fast if I donít know who he is.  Uh-huh.  How do you feel about women racing in motocross?

JL:  I think itís good.  I donít really watch them or anything, but I guess I could.   How would you feel if one beat you?

JL:  It would probably, (pause) probably be the end of my career.  Got anything to say to those West Coast Lodies that say West Coast Riders Rule, or that Jason Lawrence looks like Sid from ďToy StoryĒ?

JL:  I donít know about that man, but the East Coast is far better.  All right Jason, thanks for you time and good luck at the Winter Olympics.

JL:  Thanks.  Later.

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