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paul hines # 538


 If Motocross was organized crime, then the Hines family would be the Capones.  From getting advice from Shelton, to competing with Paul, to being terrorized by Josh.  The newest member of the Hines family, Chase is now beginning to ride.  Paul's recent absence from this past season has been due to his college attendance.   However, he will be making a return in the summer of 2005.   This exciting 20 year old racer is a wildcard in his competition's eyes, a threat.  When he's on he's on.  While he is missed, some riders may come to regret his return.  Wanna know more about him?  Just ask Zeke "2Ns" Zieman or Todd "The Wilcom Effect"  Wilcom.  Read on to find out why.


1st Try – December 22nd, 2004 6:45p.m.


Paul Hines:  Hello?  Hello is Paul Hines available?


PH:  May I ask who I’m speaking with?  This is Scooter from

PH:  Scooooter.  Heyyyy.  How ya doin’?  Doin’ all right.  You got time for an interview or are you busy

PH:  I’mmm kiiiiinda busy right now.  Really?  Is it a girl?

PH:  (Laughing) Nnnoooooo…  Okay, well when would be a good time for ya?

PH:  Any time tomorrow after 9.  Okay thanks, talk to you then.

PH:  All right.  See ya.


2nd Try - December 23rd, 2004 9:45a.m. 


PH:  ( Sounds of girls screaming, loud talking, yelling )  > Hello???  Paul Hines?

PH:  Heyyy…  Hey.  It’s Maryland Motocross again bugging you.  Got time for that interview?

PH:  Sure.  Great.  Great.  First and foremost, the people must know;  Where have you been man?  Where have you been all this time?

PH:  I’ve been in North Carolina.  I’m in college now.  Where are you at in N.C.?

PH:  I’m at High Point University.  All right.  Kewl.  Kewl.  Kewl.  So when, uhh, are you going to return to the Motocross World man?

PH:  Ummmm.  Prob-ub-ly this summer.  Maybe the spring, but probably this summer.  Now word has it.  Shelton has been Pimpin’ some 250Fs, are you going to be riding one of those probably?

PH:  I’ll most likely be on a 450.  Whoa… the big time huh?

PH:  Yup.  I’m gonna kick 4 names your way, I would like you to give me a little background behind each name, okay?

PH:  Ok.  All right.  First off; Travis Pastrana

PH:  Pastrana?  Ummmm… practiced with him a few times down at Nolton's house.  Fun guy to be around.  Real nice.  Kinda crazy though (laugh).  Shermanator.

PH:  (Laughing)  Shermanator… Pops: he’s crazy.  That’s all I can say.  I wanna know something.  How did he get to be so strong?  Like, this one time, someone had blocked his car in… he didn’t know I was looking… and he picked up the car and dragged it out of the way of his.  I got some Polaroid shots of it, so everyone thinks it’s fake… like the out-of-focus UFO pics, so what’s the deal?

PH:  (Laughing hard)  I don’t know about all that.  He’s probably not that strong, he’s just intimidating.  Sher Khan.

PH:  Same person.  Is it really.  Isn’t that the name of the tiger from that “Jungle Book” movie?  What’s the difference between Sher Khan and the Shermanator?

PH:  It’s the same person.  The same thing.  No difference.  They just give him all these crazy names because he’s crazy.  Grady.

PH:  (Laughing)  Graaaaaady.  Oh Kevin <Duffy>.  Why do you guys call him Grady?

PH:  I don’t really know.  I couldn’t tell you actually.  Okay then.  What kind of gear do you use when you ride?

PH:  Troy Lee.  That’s what I always wear.  Yup  And what brand of bike?  I know you’re going to be Rockin’ a 450…

PH:  Honda.  Yeah, I’ll be on a Honda again like before.  To me, they’re… the best.  Sweet.  Sweet.  Now, what’s your favorite track and your favorite event to attend?

PH:  My favorite track is probablyyyy… Gatorback.  Yeah, definitely Gatorback.  It’s a great one.  And… if popularity holds true, then your favorite event would be Loretta’s?

PH:  Yeah.  Loretta’s would have to be my favorite event.  It’s an awesome place.  When we had our MMX Day, the Hines family is invited to the next one; just so you know, your brother Josh, he was breaking out some fighting skills.  Guys that were bigger than him; he was taking them down and running their face in the mud and stuff.  Did he get that from you and Shelton beating him down all the time.

PH:  (Laugh)  Most likey.  Yeah.  (Laughing hard)  Most likely.  Man, you’re brother’s a character, he’s definitely one to keep your eye on when he’s around.  So, how did you feel that time he quit?

PH:  Actually he’s not riding now.  He’s not?  Oh-oh.  Guess you’ll have to get on him.

PH:  Yeah.  I was kinda disappointed, but you know; you can’t make him do it if he doesn’t want to.  His heart is not into it so… if that’s how he feels, that’s the way it’s going to be.  I’d like to see him on the track, but the decision is his.  I’ll support him no matter what, even if I prefer him to be riding.  Well, I guess this interview may put a little pressure on him to race again when he reads this.

PH:  Yeah.  He needs it though.  He needs someone pushing him.  Some people you can encourage and others you gotta push.  He’s a strong-minded kid, and those need pushing.

PH:  Yup.  I can see that.  So, what are you studying as a major?

PH:  Business is my major.  I’d like to get my degree in it.  If you get a competitive offer from once you graduate,  can you use those skills to turn us into a company that will rival Starbuck’s franchise expansion?

PH:  Oh sure.  Definitely.  That would be an easy goal.  Great looking forward those Lattes.  So what’s your Fondest memory in MX?

PH:  That would beeee… Mini Os two years ago.  It was my second years at Mini Os.  My first year I did really bad.  My second year I didn’t finish all that great, but I did fairly well and I had a lot of fun.  And your worst would be…

PH:  My injury at Budd’s Creek in 2000.  I went down on either Mountain Dew or Henry Hill.   Got landed on 5 times and broke both of my legs and my ankle.  There was a lot of people that got hurt when that happened.  It wasn’t just me.  So when you were last racing, who would you look forward to seeing at signup?

PH:  I liked seeing Todd Wilcom; he’s a good racer and he’s fun to ride with.  I’d say Zeke <“2Ns”> Zieman too.  He’s also a lot of fun to ride with.  You know his last name is only spelled with 1 N right?

PH:  (Laugh) Yeah.  Now let’s say Kevin Duffy were wearing black socks, had hot coffee, a frying pan, and objects laying around.  Who would win between a fight with him and Shelton?

PH:  None of that stuff would matter.  It just wouldn’t matter.  My dad would still win.      Uh-huh.  So how old are you and how long have you been riding?

PH:  I’m 20.  I’ve been riding since I was 9.  Wow you’re an old man.  You’re like 10 minutes away from collecting social security.

PH:  Yeah.  It sucks.  Do you have any advice for people new to the sport?

PH:  Pretty much: practice.  Practice makes perfect.  If not perfect, at least close to it.  So… practice, practice, practice.  How do you feel about women racing in motocross?

PH:  I just think it’s just the same as any other guy.  Are you saying all the women in Motocross look like guys?

PH:  (Laughing) No. no. no…  Can I quote you on that?

PH:  No.  What I’m saying is that I’m all for it… till they beat me.  You’re brother Josh said the same thing.

PH:  Well, he’s got the right idea.  It’s all good as long as they don’t beat me.  Are there any female racers out there that stand out in your mind?

PH:  Jessye Davis.  She’s a good rider.  Ummmm.  I don’t think there is a racer called Jessye Davis man…

PH:  (Insistent)  Jessye.  Davis.  I don’t… Does she have a number or is there a team she’s on?

PH:  I don’t really remember, but Jessye is good.  Ummm... Sure man, sure.  Who has inspired you the most when it comes to racing.

PH:  I’d have to say Kevin Crine.  He’s really cool.  He gives me good advice.  You ever see that guy he hangs out with, Jeff Slusher, that guy that’s always smiling?

PH:  (Laugh) Oh yeah.  Well, his mom, well his mom’s got an interesting story too, but I was wondering if you could tell me why Jeff’s always smiling?

PH:  I dunno.  He’s happy about something…  So what’s your favorite site to go to?

PH:  Ummmm…  (Whispering)

PH:  (Laughing)  Yeah., Duffnstuff Racing, Wilcom Racing, they’re some of my favorites.  Really, we’re flattered.   I know that you’ll be on the 450, but as you were coming up, was there a favorite class to ride that you had?

PH:  125 B was my favorite class to ride.  Arguably, 125 class is like the fastest class out there, are they not?

PH:  Sometimes they are.  Ummm… actually a lot of days they are.  How do you feel about kids riding at really early ages?  I mean Zeke started when he was like 2 with training wheels.

PH:  Well, my brother started when he was 3, I started late, when I was 9.  I think it’s good, when kids learn to ride early.  These days they’re getting faster and faster.  So, the earlier they start, the better they are.  So what number are you going to be Sportin’ when you come back to the track?

PH:  The same number as before: 538.  So you got anything to say to the people who got a glimpse of you on our movie trailer at Budd’s Creek during Pro Nationals and were wondering about when they’ll see you next?

PH:  Yeah-yeah-yeah.  I’ll be back for sure in the summer.  I’ll be riding in the spring.  I dunno.  I hope they’re all doing well.  I hope the competition hasn’t gotten too bad, and I can’t wait to see everyone when I get back.  All right Paul thanks for your time.  I’m sure everyone will be looking forward to seeing you this summer.  One last question:  Will you carry on the tradition of beating down Kevin Duffy if your Dad ever decides to stop?

PH:  Oh yeah; you can count on it.  All right Paul, thanks a lot.

PH:  All right, thank you.  See ya.



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